Industry partnerships

Global Engagement staff provide assistance and support in developing cooperative partnerships between offshore education providers, state and federal government departments and private industries.

We can offer:

  • Joint programs (delivered in Australia and in your country)
  • Pathway/Articulation arrangements
  • Teacher training (delivered in Australia and in your country)
  • Study tours and internships


Our partnerships and clients

China Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU)
Qingyuan Polytechnic
Shanghai Information Technology College
Jinan Engineering Vocational Technical College
Shanghai Commercial Accounting School (SCAS)
Wuxi Institute of Technology
Guiyang Pre-school Education College
Tianjin 1st Vocational School
Indonesia PT Kai Rail
International Master Gourmet Academy trading as Ottimmo
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Religious Affair
Ministry of Manpower
Nauru Nauru TVET School
Department of Education


Aid and Development

Global Engagement's Aid and Development expertise allows us to analyse problems and identify any challenges to ensure a project delivers the desired outcomes within a specified timeframe. With the benefit of a multi-skilled team we can work across a wide range of sectors. Some of our specialty areas include:

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