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28 Interview do's and don'ts

Just 28 key things to do and not do at an interview.

By TAFE Queensland


1 - Arrive early (or at least on time) - arriving late is a big no-no, difficult to excuse and may shake your confidence before the interview.

2 - Introduce yourself at the office or reception upon arrival. State who you are, who you have to see, and the time of your appointment. Be friendly and smile. It's not uncommon for interviewers to ask the first line of response (in this case potentially a receptionist, assistant or security guard) for their thoughts on the candidates.

3 - Greet the interviewer by name if you know how to pronounce it. If you're unsure, ask them to repeat their name.

4 - Shake hands firmly if offered a handshake. Don't be a limp fish.

5 - Try to make a good impression - employers make many judgments in the first few moments of meeting you.

6 - Sit upright in your chair with good posture. Look alert and interested even when waiting.

7 - Be a good listeners as well as a good talker.

8 - Maintain eye contact during your interview.

9 - Answer questions as clearly and concisely as possible.

10 - Watch for subtle signs the interview is coming to an end or is over.

11 - Ask when you can expect to hear about the outcome of the interview - and how if this is not apparent.

12 - Thank the interviewer or interview panel for their time, and always push your chair in when finished.

13 - Remember to smile.

14 - Be friendly and polite.

15 - Be positive and project confidence.

16 - Demonstrate pride in your achievements, work experience and education.

17 - Even if it feels funny, tell the interviewer/s if you need a moment or have lost your train of thought. This will give you time to regroup and they will appreciate the honesty.


18 - Answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no" - you need to explain and elaborate wherever possible. Giving examples of past experiences and how you believe it will relate to this role is a must.

19 - Over-answer questions - waffling on is not fun for anyone.

20 - NEVER lie. Answer every question truthfully and frankly.

21 - Interrupting the interviewer is never good. If you don't understand something or need it repeated, ask them to clarify once they've finished speaking.

22 - Seems obvious, but never argue with an interviewer/s either (unless you're put into a debate situation and they specifically ask you too)

23 - NEVER swear and try not to use slang.

24 - Be something you're not or try to hard. Just be yourself.

25 - Don't take unnecessary items with you to the interview (e.g. your kids backpack or shopping bags - unless you're in the fashion industry).

26 - NEVER make derogatory or negative remarks about your current or former employer/s, manager/s or co-workers.

27 - Skimp on detail in your answers because you "know" the interviewer or one of the interviewers is already aware of the information. They cannot share any additional information that has not been covered in the interview.

28 - Leave your phone on or take any calls during an interview. If you have an emergency situation that requires otherwise, advise the interviewer/s upon arrival so they are aware, and if it so happens you have to take a call, don't forget to apologise.