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How to fit further education into your busy lifestyle

The days of education involving lecture theatres and long presentations are over. Now you can study in a way that suits you to your education and training with your lifestyle.

We all have dreams that we think can wait: our dream home, holiday, or career. Amid the chaos of everyday life it might seem impossible to find the time to chase these dreams. Especially when your ideal career requires the right qualification to help you get there.

The good news is the days of further education involving lecture theatres and long presentations are over. Now you can study flexibly and fit your education and training in with your lifestyle, in the minutes between cooking dinner, folding clothes, replying to emails, and stealing a few moments to enjoy a cup of tea.

By location

Studying at a TAFE Queensland location involves face-to-face time with a teacher and fellow students in classrooms, workshops, laboratories and simulated-learning environments. You'll meet passionate, like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds who will provide valuable learning and networking opportunities. You will have the chance to participate in intelligent discussions, bounce ideas around, and challenge opinions and viewpoints with your fellow classmates.

TAFE Queensland has more than 50 campus locations that stretch from the far north to the south-east corner of the state. When you study by location you’ll practice on the same tools and equipment used in industry. Our purpose-built study spaces allow you to gain the skills and experience you need for a seamless transition into the workforce.

Online learning

Online learning is a great study mode if you're currently working, leading a hectic life, or would prefer to study when it suits you. It's also perfect if you live in a regional area where it's inconvenient to travel to campus, or if your nearest education provider doesn't offer the course you want. With online learning you are able to access your learning resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can study at 10am after a late night, or at 10pm after a busy work day. Online learning also allows you to take charge of your study and workload, and set your own deadlines to reach your goals.

Studying with TAFE Queensland online gives you access to our huge range of resources and the freedom to study whenever and wherever it suits you. Our e-learning environment keeps you connected and engaged with your teachers. We also have a dedicated student support team committed to helping you get the most out of your experience, from enrolment right through to graduation.

Work-based learning

Work-based learning means you will train on the job, supervised by a workplace training officer or your employer. This could be while doing work experience, vocational placement, or doing paid work. Work-based learning also includes completing work-based projects while under supervision. You benefit by developing practical, industry-relevant skills while completing your qualification.

You can study a range of courses via work-based learning at TAFE Queensland. Contact us today to if this is the option for you.

Mixed mode

If you like a combination of classroom, online, and other study, then mixed mode learning could be right for you. Sometimes known as blended or hybrid learning, mixed mode learning has a range of benefits including affordability, availability, and accessibility. You will also have the opportunity to self-pace your studies while being able to take advantage of face-to-face classroom sessions.

By studying through a mixed delivery mode at TAFE Queensland you may have face-to-face time with a teacher in class or during scheduled workshops, have an element of self-directed learning with online modules, and receive supervised training while on the job, doing work experience, or on placement.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprentices are trained in a skilled trade such as plumbing, electrical or even hairdressing. Trainees are trained in a vocational area such as early childhood education or business, but the training does not deliver a trade qualification. The best thing about apprenticeships and traineeships is that you get paid while you learn skills on the job. The outcomes are lifelong and nationally recognised. Once you’re qualified you can earn an attractive wage or continue on to higher level studies to advance your career prospects.

TAFE Queensland is the largest training provider for apprentices in the state. We offer apprenticeship, traineeship and pre-apprenticeship courses across a wide range of study areas. We also understand that apprentice and trainee training needs to be flexible so it can fit around the demands of the job. That's why we work with employers to create bespoke training packages for each student which may include workplace training, drop in days, block training, day release, mobile training vans, and mixed delivery modes.