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Lounge room lectures

Now is the perfect time to make take the next step in your career or even change career paths completely. The first question you have to answer is how to do that and fit it into your already busy life.

We all have dreams that we think can wait: the perfect home, overseas holiday, or a new car. But sometimes the 'perfect' time never comes. That's why we have to find the perfect time amid the chaos of life, in the minutes between making dinner and washing clothes, sending emails, and stealing a few moments to enjoy a coffee in peace.

The perfect job usually needs to be accompanied by the perfect qualification. But then there are full-time jobs, hungry mouths and mortgages to be considered. The good news is that the days of lecture halls and blackboards as the sole delivery method of education are over. Leaving the workforce or family commitments in order to undertake full-time study is not a reality for a lot of Australians.

Cue the age of online education and learning, where you can listen to lectures in your lounge room and study in your pyjamas.

What online learning looks like

Online learning is perfect for those who work, lead hectic lives and would rather study when it suits them. It's ideal for people who want or need to be able to access their learning resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can study at 10am after you've finished the school drop offs or at 10pm after a busy work day. Online learning also allows you to take charge of your study and workload and set your own deadlines to reach your goals.

Choosing an online education provider

Not all online courses are created equal so it's important to do your research. A good indicator of course quality is completion rates. The Australian national average sits at seven per cent, and that's considered a conservative estimate. International research into online learning has shown that technical hitches and a lack of support are the main stumbling blocks to success. So in order to set yourself up for success, look for an education provider who's got your back.

Why choose TAFE Queensland Online

At TAFE Queensland approximately 80 per cent of our online students graduate with a qualification. That's the highest rate in the country. The main reason 73 per cent more of our graduates finish their study and gain a qualification is support. From the moment you enquire right through to after you graduate you'll have access to an online learning space and a dedicated student support team. Our teachers are just as invested in your education as you are.

If studying online sounds like the right option for you, check out our courses or contact us today.