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Add computer aided drafting to your skills repertoire

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an architectural firm, or you’re just looking at a solo house project, knowing how to use computer aided drafting (CAD) software will give you the best chance of success.

Completing our CAD Design Essentials micro-credential will give you the skills to create, conceptualise and fashion your thoughts into something visual and tangible. Knowing how to use Revit will also enable you to plan, design, construct and manage buildings. Revit is used by professionals in a range of different areas including engineering, interior design, architecture and landscape architecture and other contracting.

Through this micro-credential we will introduce you to the Revit CAD software. You will learn about the tools and drawing standards used for 2D drafting and to create 3D models. You will also develop the skills to start modelling a basic house plan with 3D architectural elements such as floor slabs, walls, roofs and interior elements, including doors and windows, using Revit software.

Is it time to get those ideas out? Take a look at the course.