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From true crime fan to crime and justice graduate

With four generations of her family working in the police force, it seemed inevitable that Briannen Thomson would go into the legal field.

By TAFE Queensland

With her sights set on a career within the criminal justice system, she enrolled to study the Diploma of Crime and Justice Studies (10284NAT) at TAFE Queensland’s Bracken Ridge campus.

“For as long as I can remember, I absolutely loved true crime shows, podcasts and finding out what makes people commit a crime,” said Briannen.

“I saw police officers as heroes, so it came as no surprise to my family that I too wanted to follow in their footsteps."

“But I wanted to ease myself into justice studies because I was worried that if I went to university I wouldn’t love it. But after completing this diploma, I knew it was all I wanted to do,” she said.

Briannen praises TAFE Queensland’s relationship with industry for helping her secure her role as the Branch Client Services Officer within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

“Because TAFE Queensland has an excellent relationship with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, I interviewed for a position within the Justices of the Peace Branch."

“I’m now doing a job I love, in an industry I adore, and couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity TAFE Queensland gave me,” Briannen said.

She also praises her teachers for giving her the skills she needs for her career while channelling her passion for the legal system.

“The wonderfully supportive teachers unpacked tricky concepts and applied their real-world knowledge and experience to explain how legal concepts are applied — this meant my classes were never boring,” continued Briannen.

As changes to the law continually occur, being able to read and understand complex legislation is an invaluable skill that Briannen leant while studying with TAFE Queensland.

“I had never read legislation before, but the teachers broke it down and made it easy to understand. Their real-life examples showed the connections between theoretical concepts and practical application,” she said.

Briannen is now looking forward to continuing her career in criminal justice and thanks TAFE Queensland for getting her the start she needed.

“I have known other people to go through this course at TAFE Queensland and land excellent career paths,” she said.

“I would absolutely encourage everyone to study at TAFE Queensland. The knowledge and experience you gain in its supportive learning environment is invaluable. The teachers have a passion for their subjects and genuinely want to see their students succeed."


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