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Veterans commence training to assist in Victorian Aged Care facilities

East Coast Apprenticeships and TAFE Queensland have worked together with Ironside Recruitment to develop an emergency induction program for veterans to enable them to help out in Victoria’s embattled aged care facilities.


A unique Emergency Induction Program has commenced for defence veterans who will work in Victorian aged care to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Award winners, Ironside Recruitment in Victoria and East Coast Apprenticeships in Queensland have worked together around the clock to develop the program, offering a safer and more caring role for veterans supporting those who are locked down in aged care facilities.

Ironside Recruitment was recently tasked with delivering a workforce of veterans to fulfil non-clinical roles in aged care.

Recognising the importance of specific aged and individual care training, Chief Executive Officer of Ironside Recruitment, Glen Ferrarotto said the organisation called on the expertise of East Coast Apprenticeships, who have been conducting their own successful Enhanced Pathways Program (Aged Care) in Queensland.

“Combining the experience and commitments of our organisations meant that we quickly had a solution to improve safety and care for our veterans and their efforts for our most vulnerable residents in locked down aged care facilities,” Mr Ferrarotto said.

“This enhanced training complements the already robust framework delivered to our veterans around the safe use of personal protective equipment and COVID-19 testing procedures,” he continued.

RSL Victoria provided immediate funding for this pilot intake, allowing this critical training for veterans to commence while further funding is considered by government.

East Coast Apprenticeships worked with their strategic training provider TAFE Queensland to create the program in a matter of days, drawing on TAFE Queensland’s extensive experience and innovation in training.

TAFE Queensland General Manager (East Coast) Ana Rodger said the program will be delivered in virtual classrooms over two days, with the veterans receiving expert guidance from one of their highly knowledgeable, industry-current trainers.

“TAFE Queensland is privileged to be able to offer our services and support Victoria in their moment of need. We are also preparing to have Ironside veterans from New South Wales join the program if required,” Ms Rodger said.

Chief Executive Officer for East Coast Apprenticeships, Alan Sparks said the program will provide skilled workers in a time when they are needed most.

“This will provide essential emergency training to allow veterans to provide excellent quality caring support and enhance the safety of veterans and those residents in aged care facilities,” Mr Sparks said.