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A passion for learning sees Raynah's career take off

When the COVID-19 pandemic grounded the aviation industry and airline workplace health and safety professional Raynah Kassabian found herself stood down, she used her time away from the office to enhance her skills.

"At work, I provide health and safety leadership and advice to ensure our people, customers, and contractors enter and leave work safely every day, whilst advocating our corporate values," explained Raynah.

With health and safety legislation changing and a desire to progress her career, she turned the uncertainty of being stood down into an opportunity with TAFE Queensland.

"Studying was the best thing I could've done as it allowed me to focus my energy on improving my business skills, so I could hit the ground running when I returned to work."

A recent TAFE Queensland graduate from both the Diploma of Work Health and Safety (BSB51319) and the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB61015), she enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Management (BSMAN/VM5) in partnership with Federation University Australia.

"I highly rate TAFE Queensland as I've had such wonderful study experiences with them, and I've gained such valuable tools for my job," said Raynah.

Continuing her education and furthering her professional skills has since paid dividends, as she's graduated from her degree and returned to work with an enhanced understanding of the business and the confidence to use her newly enhanced skills to achieve positive business outcomes.

"The Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) is a great extension to my other qualifications, and I'm applying everything I learnt to the projects I undertake at work. Through my studies, I've learned how to view our organisation through a strategic lens, and I now understand how to align my work to our overarching organisational goals," she continued.

As the aviation industry continues its recovery, Raynah uses her new sense of confidence in managing safety-related projects and proposing actions to achieve positive business outcomes.

"Now that I better understand both the strategic and operational tiers of my organisation, I can comprehend how everything interrelates, and I have a focused understanding of my involvement in our project's objectives, what needs to be achieved, and who it impacts – giving me more confidence than ever."

"I'm also able to effectively communicate with our stakeholders and provide them with the specific information needed to make better-informed executive decisions."

She credits her enhanced skills and confidence to the hands-on training she received from her TAFE Queensland teachers and classmates alike.

"I can't speak highly enough of our teachers' experience and the passion they each exude for what they do. They're so approachable, and they always made sure their students understood everything," said Raynah.

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in group conversations and the relationships that developed from them. My classmates were so encouraging, and because we each had different backgrounds and experiences, we shared different insights which enhanced my overall learning experience."

Raynah, a self-described 'lifelong learner', believes that everyone can benefit from education to reach their full potential, and she plans to continue learning for the rest of her life.

"Overall education empowers you, and I'm confident that what I've learned from TAFE Queensland will ensure success throughout my career whilst also fostering my curiosity and ongoing passion for learning."

Her advice for anyone wanting to enhance their existing skills, learn something new, or explore their passion?

"Find the thing you're interested in and do it! When you have a passion for what you're learning, it will be enriching, and you will be incredibly rewarded.”

"You should never ask yourself should I study; rather, you should ask yourself what should I study," concluded Raynah.