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Firing up careers in boilermaking

Teaching has taken Brad to places such as Papua New Guinea, the Torres Strait Islands and Curtis Island with him now at the TAFE Queensland Roma campus.

As a teacher of engineering, specialising in boilermaking/welding and teaching TAFE at School students, Brad's reward is helping people to achieve their goals.

"I have a range of experience. Previously I've delivered a Certificate III in Agriculture specialising in broad acre cropping cotton and grain; and delivered training in high risk areas in Papua New Guinea – working at heights, confined spaces and basic fire training. I have a mining background as well, working in Central Queensland (Coal Mines) and construction (Curtis Island – structural welder)," he said.

Brad talks of teaching as extremely rewarding. For example, helping young adults to achieve a goal and mentoring young people entering the industry; and still sees himself teaching in five-to-ten years.

"I came to teach at TAFE Queensland because the people and the facilities are good and to be part of an organisation with a commitment to training people to a high quality standard," he said.

What Brad enjoys the most about his job is the variety of each week.

"The variety includes being on the tools, admin work, liaising and networking with local industry, schools, employers and students," he said.

"What I most enjoy about the industry is the challenges and the adaption to new techniques and equipment."

With the industry moving towards computer numerical control (CNC) and computerised technology Brad stays current with industry. "I stay current with industry by networking and taking part in industry release, upskilling communication between colleagues and continually talking with industry," he said.

Some of his most memorable moments have been when his TAFE at School groups attend class.

"Seeing students who have initially struggled with the work and supporting them to achieve competency in their studies is rewarding to see,"

"Building confidence with those that lack, or have a little trouble and need a little time and patience, building on the little things for big gains” said Brad.

Brad believes that knowledge is powerful and the more we understand a situation or subject the more informative and proactive we can be towards a problem or situation.

"Teachers are experts in their field who are keen to pass on their knowledge to students and support them to achieve their goals," he said.

"Having a trade really can take you anywhere. Some people have been all over the world doing their trade, others it was a stepping stone to larger companies and organisations, so my advice is 'go for it'," said Brad.