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Holly gets drawn to her future

Indigenous student Holly Maloney started working towards her dream career early, starting training to become a draftsperson while still in high school.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and I knew from an early age that it was something I wanted to do professionally,” said Holly.

The 18-year old’s career inspiration came from watching her dad, a fitter and turner, use a computer to make technical designs for machinery components.

Then in high school, Holly completed the Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (MEM20413) through TAFE at School, which saw her visit TAFE Queensland one day each week for 12 months where she gained further inspiration and confidence to continue studying designing.

Now she’s following in her father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in technical drawing through studying a double Diploma of Building Design and Diploma of Interior Design (CPP50911 / MSF50218) at TAFE Queensland’s South Bank campus.

Holly also says that learning at TAFE Queensland is a lot different and much easier than high school.

“My teachers are from the industry, are very helpful and treat me like an adult and are helping me to develop my professional skills,” she said.

“I really enjoy the practical lessons and getting a proper understanding of computer-aided drafting (CAD) and 3D modelling to become a technical officer or draftsperson.”

Construction people are in high demand with Job Outlook data predicting 80,000 new job openings, which includes draftspeople, will become available by 2025.

Now on her way to becoming a draftsperson with the ultimate goal of owning her own business and designing her own home, Holly is grateful for both the scholarship and the student experience she’s having with TAFE Queensland.

“Studying at TAFE Queensland is amazing and so much more engaging than school. I’m learning drawing, hand rendering and making floor plans in a hands-on environment around people who are just as passionate as me,” she continued.

“My teachers are helping to develop my professional and technical skills and their industry knowledge has been incredibly valuable.”

Holly can see a clear professional pathway to her ultimate goal of working in a job she loves for life.

“I love using my creativity when designing and I know this course will lead to a fulfilling career and give me the foundation to eventually own my own business and design my own home."

Getting her dream closer to reality, Holly was awarded a TAFE Queensland Scholarship in 2020, and used her award money to buy a specialised laptop to run technical drawing software – so she can study from anywhere.

“My advice to anyone thinking about studying with TAFE Queensland should do it, it’s a lot of work but in the long run it’s worth it,” she said.

“I love designing and making different things using different materials and putting it all together. Education is a great way to take that next step to get to where you want to go."

“I’d recommend TAFE Queensland as the place to study. Everyone here is helpful, supportive and every day I’m getting better – it’s wonderful for my development,” concluded Holly.