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Powering industry partnerships

One of the world's largest off-grid inverter manufacturers Selectronic, has partnered with TAFE Queensland to deliver industry-current training in the renewable energy industry.

Selectronic is a leading manufacturer of multi-mode solar inverter products such as the SP PRO — the only multi-mode, bi-directional inverter chargers made in Australia. These inverter products form the heart of every battery-based renewable energy storage system.

The company has vast experience in off-grid and grid-connect energy storage systems with its inverters compatible with solar, wind, hydro, microgrids and diesel generators.

As an innovator in the field of power inverters and renewable energies, Selectronic Australia Sales Manager Lindsay Hart says the company understands better than most the importance of staying ahead of the curve.

"One of the challenges that we see is making sure that we continue to stay up-to-date with the market trends and with how the market is evolving," he said.

"We've got to make sure that we continue to work with the industry and their skills base to make sure that we can deliver the highest quality of system safely and reliably," Lindsay said.

For Selectronic, finding the right training partner that keeps pace with the latest industry technology and skills is essential to be able to equip their workforce with the cutting-edge training they need to succeed.

"Our partnership with TAFE Queensland is really critical to making sure that we can get quality training into new installers as we seeing new technology come out," Lindsay said.

"We have a whole heap of new installers and they need to be able to take advantage of what TAFE Queensland can provide in terms of experience and understanding the implementation," he said.

With more than 138 years' of quality training experience and close to a 94% employer satisfaction rate, businesses like Selectronic can trust TAFE Queensland to continue to support local Queensland industries, employers and communities long into the future.

As the needs of our employers and industry change, so does our training. We are constantly working closely with industry to shape our training products and delivery modes to keep up with industries growth and the occupations likely to develop in the future.

Our industry-experienced teachers provide the training that Queenslanders need today, while at the same time equipping students, communities and industry partners with the skills required for the jobs of tomorrow.

We align our training with the needs of Queensland’s industries, designing new programs in areas of emerging need and industry transformation, while ensuring traditional trades’ educational practices are contemporary. We work closely with industry to produce job-ready graduates who can assist employers to innovate and grow their businesses.

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