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How to celebrate your love of books

By the TAFE Queensland Library Network

Whether it's joining a book club or rereading an old favourite, we'll take any excuse to celebrate our love for books!

Here are our top 10 ways to celebrate your love of books.

Support your local indie bookstore

With the ease of online shopping and picking up the latest thriller at a chain or department store, you may have forgotten how wonderful it is to browse the shelves of your locally-owned bookstore. If you can’t get in store today to browse their curated collections, why not share or leave a review online for your favourite store?

Visit your library

Libraries are gateways to culture and knowledge and play a foundational role in the community. Take the time today to visit your local – check out a book, browse the collections, thank a librarian or attend an in-library event. You never know what new knowledge you’ll find.

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Gift a copy of your favourite book to a friend

Book Lovers Day (or any day really) is the perfect occasion to share the wonder of your favourite read with a friend!

Join or host your a book club

Book clubs are an amazing way to come together with friends. Even asking one or two that have similar interests to you and gathering over video chat once a month can open the door to some amazing conversations. Did you know there are countless book clubs to be found on social media? There are so many options for joining a book club out there.

Send a note on social media or an email to your favourite author

Every reader has that one author whose writing speaks straight to your soul. Take some time to reach out to them today and honour their work; join their Facebook group, share your favourite of their books in your Instagram stories, get addicted to #BookTok... There are a ton of ways you can support them.

Reread an old favourite

It seems strange to some to pick up a book you already know the ending of, but trust us! There’s magic to be found in the details you missed the first time around.

Listen to an audiobook instead of music

If you don’t have time to sit in your favourite spot today with a paperback, plug in an audiobook during your commute or workday.

Organise your bookshelf

Is your bookcase looking a bit full and out of order? Any day is a great day to organise and create a pile of books to donate or give away. And for every book you pass on means more room for new ones!

Donate to a book-based charity

There are so many ways to support organisations working to resource readers young and old. Share-A-Book is a not-for-profit organisation run by the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. They provide new and quality pre-loved books to Indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities in need of resources.

Dive into your TBR pile

And if all else fails, start that book that’s been sitting in your To Be Read (TBR) list or on your bedside table for way too long… We know you’ve got one (or 4! or 33...).