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Shining a spotlight on educators for World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is a day to celebrate and give thanks to our wonderful teachers for the important role they play in helping our students to achieve greatness! 

Australia celebrates World Teachers’ Day on Friday 28 October, a key date in the calendar for students, their families and communities around the nation, to recognise the hard work and dedication of teachers.

TAFE Queensland General Manager, Karen Dickinson, believes that this annual event recognises the important role educators play in our community and the positive impact they have on students' lives and employment outcomes. 

“I’d like to thank all our educators for everything they do. I am grateful for your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to our students and their education.”

TAFE Queensland Associate Lecturer, Ann Stevens, said that she finds great value in being a teacher and loves sharing her knowledge with students.

“When it comes to teaching I love contributing to our students’ achievements and successes regardless of how big or little they may be. I feel extremely proud when students update me on their promotions as they continue to move up in their fields, it reinforces why teacher quality is so important.”

Ann Stevens finds that there is more to teaching than just educating students in the classroom, she was recently nominated for a “Great Idea Using Technology” award for her significant contribution to immersive technology and innovation within TAFE Queensland and industry.

“One of the most important parts of teaching is ensuring we are being innovative, it is something I embrace as it is paramount for both teachers and students to keep up with industry trends.”

TAFE Queensland Executive Director for Education and Training, Shane Palmada, said teachers like Ann have made a significant contribution to the immersive technology and innovation space.

“Ann has been working on internationally recognised research and development projects at the Coomera campus involving award-winning industries and IT vendors in the area of immersive technology, she is a pioneer in the industry who is committed to future proofing teaching and learning at all levels.”

“TAFE Queensland is very fortunate to have teachers like Ann, who are fully committed to connecting the community, industry and TAFE together.”

TAFE Queensland is hosting a series of special events leading up to and on World Teachers’ Day to celebrate their educators. 

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