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TAFE Queensland goes full boar with support for Kingaroy’s BaconFest

TAFE Queensland is a proud sponsor of the South Burnett's premier food festival to be held from 19 to 21 August 2022.

TAFE Queensland’s recently appointed Regional Director of the Burnett, Sheldon Becker, believes the unique event not only showcases the region’s high quality produce, but reinforces the wide variety of career opportunities in hospitality, events and tourism.

“We’re invested in our local community and I’m excited to support such a key event. It puts a spotlight on the Burnett’s thriving speciality food sector and world-class bacon and pork products,” said Sheldon.

With a significant training background in the pork production industry himself, Sheldon was quick to acknowledge the connections that TAFE Queensland’s training and the event offers to the community.

“It’s great to see the festival back in 2022 stronger than ever, with a full program of activities,” he continued.

“Visitors and potential employers will be able to see our commercial cookery and hospitality students apply their skills firsthand, as they apply their knowledge in a practical setting, amongst some of Queensland’s most renowned chefs.”

Kingaroy’s own celebrity chef, and TAFE Queensland Leading Vocational Teacher, Jason Ford, has curated a commemorative Taste of TAFE spice rub with Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (SIT20416) students.

While the spice rub is best partnered with pork, it can also be used with plant-based alternatives. The students have designed the spice rub to specifically focus on savoury aromatics and Jason gives a hint of what flavours can be expected.

“Our spice rub contains seasoning elements such as salt, but for depth of savoury flavour, we’ve added cumin,” he explained.

“It's not spicy, but it's savoury and there’s a little bit of sweetness in there as well. Because the rub is likely to be used for cooking meat on the barbecue, we've included some smoky paprika as well.”

“We’ve included a flavour that goes beautifully with pork. We’ve got some fennel seeds going in which have an aniseed flavour.”

“Quite often if I'm making even roast pork, I'll put fennel seeds on. Or if I'm braising some pork, it's just a really beautiful ancient flavour.”

“But a vegan alternative would be to use the spice rub on your roast veggies. The way to enhance them and make the meal absolutely delicious is by adding things like spices,” Jason concluded.

Preparing seafood, meat and poultry dishes, creating stocks, sauces and soups, and learning the art of pairing herbs and spices with key ingredients, are all important aspects of the commercial cookery courses taught by Jason.

TAFE Queensland’s students gain hands-on experience at the Kingaroy campus training kitchen and learn how to use commercial equipment and support live service while learning from the best in the industry.

Foodies take note, you can meet the team and take home your free sample of the Taste of TAFE spice rub at the TAFE Queensland stand at Kingaroy’s BaconFest.