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TAFE Queensland recognised as leaders in defence transition

TAFE Queensland has been recognised as a leading provider of training for military personnel transitioning to civilian life.

Image Courtesy of Australian Defence Force

Previously receiving recognition for a training partnership with Rheinmetall Defence Australia, TAFE Queensland's Acacia Ridge campus now receives funding from both State and Federal governments for its Defence Transition program.

Every year, thousands of military personnel leave the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) either by choice or for medical reasons. The transition from full-time military to civilian life can present many unique challenges.

TAFE Queensland has shown success in the post-military training area due to its commitment to quality training for all students. The team at Acacia Ridge recognise the unique challenges faced by ADF members and are providing training catered to these challenges.

One of the key challenges in Defence Transition Training is moving away from the clearly defined hierarchy of the military and into civilian life. The team at Acacia Ridge has proved their ability in bridging this gap, says TAFE Queensland Defence Solutions Manager, Garry Hargreaves.

“Our project officers have the ability to speak both the defence language and the language our employers and industry understand. Not being able to bridge this gap offers a barrier for many veterans as they embark on new careers post defence."

“Our TAFE Queensland Defence Force Project Officers have the ability to understand the unique skill sets obtained throughout a career in defence and how those skills transfer into civilian careers,” Mr Hargreaves said.

​​​​​​​The TAFE Queensland Defence Team has been invited by ADF to present at the Defence run Transition workshops around the country. This will support other local TAFE teams to understand and engage with transitioning members within their location in an accurate and consistent manner.

This Project is supported by the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources