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Vince makes the change from community care to teaching

For TAFE Queensland Leading Vocational Teacher, Vince, a 15-year career in community services prior to teaching enabled him to make a difference in the lives of others, an aspect of the industry which he found incredibly rewarding.

His work experience, combined with his passion for working with people, means that Vince brings a breadth of knowledge to his individual support teaching role within TAFE Queensland’s Western Queensland team.

Vince has a heart for ensuring superior support services are available in the community. He believes that hands-on learning, as well as the fully-equipped clinical facilities on campus, help individual support students to be well-prepared and confident for future careers in the industry.

“We provide practical tips and examples throughout the course. It's not just learning the theory. We do role plays and we look at case studies,” Vince explained.

“I ask my students’ questions like: “In this situation, how do we do it safely?” I ask them to consider the right and wrong approach in each example scenario that we discuss during the course.” he said.

“From manoeuvring hoists to operating hospital beds, a full range of equipment is available to practice on in our clinical training rooms. Our students can actually try putting the hospital beds up and down. Or we can demonstrate the safe and correct way to lift someone and then our students actually get a chance to practice as well.” said Vince.

“So when our students are interviewing for an individual support role, they’re not saying “Oh, I’ve heard about hoists and hospital beds.” They’ve actually spent time practicing with industry-standard equipment, and while they’ve certainly still got a lot to learn, they’ve already gained some practical experience as part of the course.” he said.

Vince teaches students across a region that spans from Roma to St George and further west to Charleville.

“We have clinical training rooms at TAFE Queensland’s Charleville and Roma campuses, so even though our students might not live in a big city, there's still the opportunity to learn on exactly the same type equipment.” He added.

“We are also aware and prioritise the fact that all students are learn differently. Some enjoy learning online, while some don’t. We tailor our training accordingly.” he said.

Australia's aged care sector is growing at an increasingly rapid rate. The country's ageing population, the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and the increased scrutiny due to the Aged Care Royal Commission is driving demand for qualified workers to fill vacancies.

As a result, the recent release of National Skills Commission’s 2022 Skills Priority List (SPL) has highlighted the aged and disabled career profession as one of the top 20 most in demand, with a monthly average of 5101 internet vacancy index for job ads.