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Agriculture Centre of Excellence in Bowen

A new state-of-the-art facility in Bowen is supporting North Queensland’s agricultural sector.

The Agriculture Centre of Excellence at the TAFE Queensland Bowen campus offers exciting learning opportunities, skills and pathways for regional students working in the state’s $23.5 billion agriculture industry.

In Queensland, agriculture is a priority industry and significant government investment is being made to help the industry adapt to changing global and national markets and conditions, and respond to skills needs and shortages.

In addition to general learning and workshop areas, the Agriculture Centre of Excellence offers specialist training to cater for emerging technologies in the agriculture industry.

The facility features a smart centre for data analysation and computerised training technologies, as well as a virtual reality room and a science lab.

There is also a farm bot for robotics, nutrition, soil science, biology and coding, and there’s a grow pod for monitoring stable growing environments and producing horticultural and agricultural products in all climates.

The Agriculture Centre of Excellence will provide TAFE Queensland students at opposite ends of the state with a unique, two-way learning experience.

Using remotely monitored and controlled technology and devices, students in Bowen will be able to connect to the Rural Centre of Excellence located at the TAFE Queensland Toowoomba campus.

This connection will allow students to interact with and learn from one another.