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Alumni Return to Inspire Current Students with Success Stories

To motivate and inspire current students, the Sport & Fitness Team has implemented a remarkable initiative that brings back past students who have achieved significant success after their studies. 

This program will showcase real-life examples of how TAFE Queensland education can lead to rewarding careers and personal accomplishments.

The event, organised by TAFE Queensland Sport and Fitness Teacher, Andrew Pilgrim, gathered a diverse group of alumni from various fields of study and industries, as far back as 2012, to share their experiences and insights with current students. 

The guest speakers were carefully selected to provide a wide range of success stories, ensuring students from different courses could find relatable and inspiring journeys.

The initiative highlights the success achieved by TAFE Queensland graduates and serves as a testament to the quality of education provided by the Sport & Fitness Team. 

By inviting alums who have excelled in their careers and made a notable impact in their respective fields, TAFE Queensland aims to demonstrate the relevance and potential of their programs.

The event featured an engaging schedule that allowed each guest speaker to share their journey, the challenges faced, and how their TAFE Queensland education contributed to their accomplishments. 

Students eagerly listened as the alums recounted their experiences, providing valuable advice and insights into their chosen professions.

One of the guest speakers, Michael Adams, a successful Personal Trainer at Goodlife, who completed his studies at TAFE Queensland, emphasised the practical skills and industry-specific knowledge he gained while at TAFE. 

He shared how TAFE Queensland equipped him with the necessary tools to succeed in the competitive fitness industry and encouraged current students to make the most of their education.

The event also included a Q&A session, allowing current students to engage directly with the alums. Students eagerly posed questions, seeking guidance on career choices, overcoming obstacles, and navigating the transition from study to employment. 

The alums responded with valuable advice and shared personal anecdotes, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation.

The initiative received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guest speakers and the attending students. 

Many students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect with successful professionals who had once walked the same halls they do now. 

TAFE Queensland plans to continue hosting these events periodically, aiming to build a network of successful alums who can inspire and support current students. 

The program is a testament to the institution's commitment to providing practical, industry-relevant education and fostering a sense of community among students.

By showcasing the achievements of past students, TAFE Queensland is reinforcing its reputation as a leading educational institution that empowers individuals to reach their full potential. 

The initiative has undoubtedly sparked renewed motivation and ambition among current students, reminding them that their education can be a stepping stone to remarkable success.

A massive thank you goes to: 

  • Charlie Hoang, class of 2022, current Employee - Anytime Fitness
  • Victoria Yates, class of 2016, current employee - Fitter Futures 
  • Mel Mitchell, class of 2016, current employee - F45
  • Michael Adams, class of 2012, current employee - Goodlife
  • Jack Bignall, class of 2012, current employee - Genesis
  • Tuva Toki, class of 2020, current employee - Resilient Strength
  • Dan Cooper, class of 2013, current employee - Coops Fitness
  • Deb Hatton, class of 2015, current employee - Anytime Fitness Franchise Owner