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Breaking Barriers: Samantha's Journey in the World of Cabinet Making

Samantha follows in the footsteps of her grandfather. 


TAFE Queensland Certificate III in Cabinet Making (MSF31113), student, Samantha, always had a passion for working with timber, which started when she was young and worked alongside her grandfather. Samantha started woodwork as an elective in Year 7 and continued for three years until Year 10, when she left to begin her apprenticeship. Even though it wasn't the traditional choice for a woman, Samantha chose cabinet making as it appealed the most to her at the time of enrolling.

Samantha is currently completing her apprenticeship at PCS Cabinets in Murwillumbah and is enjoying every minute of it.

“The most rewarding part as an apprentice is having more opportunities to go on site and install the kitchens and bathrooms and seeing the process from start to finish,” Samantha said.

With the right determination and enthusiasm, Samantha said that any woman can succeed in any career. Despite working in a male-dominated trade, she felt the training she received from TAFE Queensland made it possible for her to succeed.

Sadly, PCS Cabinets are closing down, however, Samantha remains optimistic about her future and is looking forward to working with a building company. With her experience and qualifications Samantha hopes to possibly build her own business in the future, incorporating multiple trades into the business.

Samantha mentioned her time at the TAFE Queensland Ashmore Campus has been exceptional. She characterised the campus as being incredibly friendly, with a secure atmosphere that made her feel safe. Samantha always looks forward to attending classes and acquiring new skills.

“My teachers are amazing and are always there to help if anyone is unsure or needs reassurance,” she said.

“TAFE Queensland has taught me to step outside of my comfort zone and interact with different people.”

Samantha's journey shows that women can excel in any field, no matter how male-dominated it may be. On this International Women's Day, we celebrate Samantha and all the women like her, who continue to break down barriers and pave the way for future generations.