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Caring for animals is Alana's calling

Growing up with a passion for animals, Alana Sibley knew she would have a career improving their lives from an early age.

"Since I was young, I've wanted to improve the lives of animals by educating people about how astonishing and beautiful the creatures around us are," explains Alana.

"I also wanted to work in an industry that helps people, and I believe I can achieve this by helping their pets and companions."

Alana's connection to the animals was apparent at a young age, and her natural bond with the pets she had growing up inspired her to work in the veterinary industry.

"I've had multiple and different kinds of pets since I was young. My favourite hobby is exploring wildlife parks, national parks and zoos. I also enjoy art, and animals feature heavily in all my drawings, painting and sculptures," she said.

"My caring instinct for animals runs deep, and from an early age, I knew I wanted to take my passion for animals to another level and study to become a Veterinary Nurse."

Alana's journey began at 17 years old when she joined the TAFE at School program to study a Certificate II in Animal Care (ACM20121), taking the first step towards turning her passion for animals into her profession.

"TAFE at School was an amazing way to gain knowledge and skills that will enable me to work or study in the industry in the future."

 "My dream is to one day become a Veterinary Nurse or Veterinary Technician, and studying through TAFE at School, completing a Certificate II in Animal Studies while in high school, has been a wonderful starting point," Alana said.

TAFE at School courses allows students to study for a qualification at TAFE while in high school, enabling them to join the workforce sooner, build practical skills, and graduate job-ready giving them a head start in the job market or enrol in further study.

Through the program, Alana visited TAFE Queensland's Mt Gravatt campus one day each week while still at school, earning a nationally recognised qualification in an adult learning environment.

Complimenting her passion for working with animals was the guidance of teachers, and Alana was blown away by how much she learnt from them in a short time.

"Louise Cooke was a great teacher; her demeanour was kind and approachable, and she supported me well with my current illness as I completed the course. She was a great role model because she also has a passion for learning and working with animals," says Alana.

The combination of expert teachers in a practical learning environment around other students who shared her passion, Alana's

"I really enjoyed being around like-minded classmates, and I enjoyed the knowledge I gained from the course and the hands-on learning I experienced with animals during my practical placements."

"By learning from industry-experienced teachers in world-class facilities, my confidence and knowledge in caring for animals soared, as did my determination to work in the veterinarian sector."

"I plan to complete high school and start work experience in a veterinarian clinic. Studying with TAFE was such a positive experience that I plan on studying further with them, and I can't wait to see what the future holds," she said.