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Carpentry students build brighter future for local kindy

Carpentry students have turned their education into action by crafting a brand-new deck for a community kindergarten in Labrador on the Gold Coast.

Under the expert guidance of their teachers, 14 students have not merely built a deck; they’ve constructed a safe and enjoyable space for the next generation to play and learn.

TAFE Queensland carpentry teacher, Samuel Ford said he was genuinely touched by the students' enthusiasm when he delivered the news of the project.

“To see the excitement on the students’ faces when we advised them that we were going to be giving back to the community by using our trade skills was priceless,” he said.

Samuel said the project is a multifaceted learning opportunity that ties into various units of the current class curriculum and provides valuable real-life experience for the students.

“As educators we find it paramount for our students to get as close to real life situations as possible, it gives them the upper hand when it comes to finding a job,” he said.

“The students developed essential job-related abilities, such as communication with stakeholders and adhering to strict timelines. This hands-on experience is invaluable for their future careers and will give them a taste of the challenges and responsibilities they may face in industry.”

While Labrador kindergarten supplied all the necessary materials for the job, TAFE Queensland provided power tools and the Ashmore campus students brought along their own personal hand tools.

Carpentry student, James Eliot said the project put a smile on his face and meant a lot to him coming from a family orientated background.

“It’s quite humbling that we had the opportunity to do this project, it’s awesome to know we did something that will make the kids enjoy their day at the kindergarten that much more," said James.

James believes the project will be an advantage when applying for future job opportunities.

“It felt fantastic to sharpen our skillset and put our knowledge we gained at TAFE into practise while getting on-the-job experience,” he said.

“Being able to demonstrate high-quality workmanship and work ethic in the local community will prove valuable when we graduate and seek work from local employers.”

Meanwhile, fellow student Nikolas Kuhnis said he is motivated to continue to connect his passion with helping the community.

“It's a great feeling to help the community and gain experience at the same time. It's a win-win situation. I hope there will be more opportunities to give back to the community.”

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast General Manager, Karen Dickinson commended the collaborative effort.

“This project serves as an excellent example of how education can be transformed into practical experience that benefits both students and the local community,” said Ms Dickinson.

“It underlines the students' determination and skills as they work to create a positive impact on their local community while simultaneously building a brighter future for themselves.”