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Empowering Apprentices and the Marine Industry

The collaboration between TAFE Queensland and Maritimo enriches and advances the marine industry.

A dynamic and inspiring partnership between TAFE Queensland and Maritimo has set the stage for an array of exceptional opportunities, benefiting both aspiring apprentices and the growing marine industry.

Earlier this month, Maritimo unveiled their largest yacht, a testament to their commitment to excellence in the marine industry. At the heart of this accomplishment lay the spirit of collaboration with TAFE Queensland. Ten talented apprentices from diverse study areas, including Certificate III in Engineering, Certificate III in Marine Craft, and Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Technologies assisted with the Maritimo Boat Show and Careers Day.

Larissa McDermott, Production and Training Coordinator, emphasized the profound benefits of the partnership for Maritimo. By joining forces with TAFE Queensland, Maritimo gains access to a treasure of resources, industry insights, and skill development opportunities. The collaboration not only elevates the capabilities of Maritimo's workforce but also expands their network and enhances their reputation within the marine industry.

“Partnering with TAFE Queensland enables further recognition and credibility across the industry,” Mrs McDermott said.

“The commitment from TAFE Queensland in preparing students for a successful career in the marine industry is commendable,” she said.

Nick Tani, TAFE Queensland Business Development Officer, highlighted the significance of the partnership from TAFE's perspective. Maritimo's reliance on TAFE Queensland for a majority of their apprenticeship programs is a testament to the high-quality education and hands-on experience offered by TAFE Queensland.

“With the guidance of highly skilled educators, Maritimo apprentices gain a skilled workforce, nurtured by TAFE Queensland's practical hands-on training,” Mr Tani said.

“Approximately 20 apprentices from Maritimo are currently benefiting from valuable hands-on experience at TAFE Queensland, guided by our exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled educators.,” he said.

As this dynamic partnership between TAFE Queensland and Maritimo continues to flourish, it exemplifies the immense power of collaboration in shaping the future of the marine industry. With a shared commitment to excellence, they navigate the waves of innovation and progress, propelling both aspiring apprentices and the marine industry towards new heights of success.

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