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Erin brushes up her cleaning skills with TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland has proudly partnered with the Department of Education (DoE) to provide the Certificate III in Cleaning Operations (CPP30321) specifically to recognise the skills and knowledge of school cleaners.

Under the guidance of TAFE Queensland teachers, students learn all the skills required to be successful school cleaners and meet industry-wide standards.

One such school cleaner who recently graduated was Erin Carter, who recommends anyone in the industry to study it.

“I was already working as a cleaner at a school, and I wanted to broaden my skills and ensure that I was doing everything possible. TAFE Queensland helped me build my skills and taught me how to make sites tidy and safe for the public.”

During the course, Erin learnt various cleaning techniques and the latest industry practices for preparing and cleaning carpets, hard surfaces, wet areas, glass, furniture and fittings.

She also learnt to liaise with school staff, students and contractors while developing her specialised cleaning skills and operational knowledge.

“The class would do all the theory, and then at the end, we would go out and do it, which was good. We would learn everything first, then show our teachers how to do what we learnt correctly.”

“I found the course very interesting, and every day I learnt something helpful to my job – particularly in hazard identification.”

“So, when contract workers visited the school, I knew how to keep the area clean and safe for them and what to do to ensure the area is safe for teachers and students after they’d left.”

Having completed the tailored TAFE Queensland course, Erin has found a new level of confidence in her skills and ability and hopes to progress her career through more study.

“I am so proud to have graduated, and I’m confident and prepared to keep studying,” continues Erin.

“I never really liked school or did well. But this makes me want to learn more, grow my skills and eventually study more.”

“Everyone should study because it’s great to be qualified. It will help bring you opportunities that will lead to a promotion in the future,” concludes Erin.

Students studying the Certificate III in Cleaning Operations (CPP30316) come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, where English is often their second or third language and have limited access to or no post-school education and limited to no digital literacy.

For more information, contact 1300 780 368 or email SchoolCleaners.Brisbane@tafe.qld.edu.au.