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Lynka makes great (and colourful hair) happen

TAFE Queensland Ipswich has been Hairhouse employee Lynka Kohn’s ‘second home’ for the past three years, and following her recent ‘last day’ she reflected on her experience at the campus’ training salon.

“My favourite subjects at school were math and engineering, so originally I thought I was going to become an engineer. But then I realised I wanted something more ‘hands-on’,” Lynka explained.

“That’s how I ended up in hairdressing. There’s not ‘book work’ then ‘field work’ in this industry. It’s an apprenticeship and it’s fun while you’re learning.”

Lynka was offered a head start in the industry while working in a retail position at a Hairhouse salon in Ipswich.

“Originally, Hairhouse offered me an apprenticeship after they saw me in my retail role. I was always watching the hairdressing taking place, so I thought ‘sure, why not?’” she said.

“I’d always loved doing my hair, colouring it and doing my friends’ colours. I still love colouring now — I love my bright colours, and I'm getting into blonde colouring, and I like up styling too,” shared Lynka.

Lynka’s teacher, Lisa Moore, an experienced hairdresser herself, has watched Lynka’s skills develop over the course of her apprenticeship.

“It was an absolute pleasure to watch Lynka grow over the past three years. On first meeting Lynka I knew she had a special quality and would work hard to achieve her goals,” Lisa said.

“After watching her work hard on her skills and techniques it was no surprise that Lynka won Hairhouse Apprentice of the Year.”

“Her passion for the industry and her work is to be commended and I look forward to seeing her grow as a senior hairdresser in a large company. Moments like these make us all proud to be teaching the next generation of superstars,” she added.

Lisa has also been credited for teaching Lynka ‘soft skills’ to compliment her cutting and colouring techniques.

“Lisa has really helped me learn how to speak to people and how to talk to my clients during their consultations. She’s been amazing from the get-go. These skills help not just during my consultations, but in my personal life too,” Lynka said.

“The teaching staff have all really helped me — whenever I’ve had a question I just go straight to them and they explain the answer to me in a way I understand.”

“All the facilities and equipment are amazing too. All the basins, the hair dryers, the straighteners, and we use a bunch of different brands here, which is great, because you don’t just use the one product in real life,” said Lynka.

And Lynka knows what she’s talking about — winning the Hairhouse ‘Apprentice of the Year’ national title, as well as being named a finalist in the ‘Hairdresser of the Year’ category in 2023.

“It (the experience) was great, as I always love going to hairdressing training events, hair expos and things like that. At a lot of them — they have ‘high up’ hairdressers doing hair and you can go around and watch them and you can ask questions. So they’re great learning experiences,” said Lynka.

Lynka’s achievements at Hairhouse have illuminated some exciting future career plans.

“Hopefully this coming year I can go into the ‘Hairdresser of the Year’ category again and win it. It's exciting. And, if I'm being brutally honest, I didn't really have too many goals, but once starting with TAFE Queensland, doing my apprenticeship, it has shown me paths to my future. So, way into the future I would love to get into maybe not ‘hairdressing’ per se, but be more of the ‘rep’ side.

“You know, going around teaching people — I would like to get into that,” Lynka finished.

As for parting words of advice to those in the midst of their apprenticeship, or who are contemplating a hairdressing apprenticeship with TAFE Queensland, Lynka offered; “Just stick with it. Keep going. If you have any qualms or worries, go to your teachers, tell them about it and they'll help you out in any way that they can.”