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Megan finds the motivation to become a nurse

Megan Lockhart always wanted to study nursing but never believed she could become one.

"I'm someone who wants to know how things work, and nursing always interested me because health care is a massive industry, and it's a good career choice," explains Megan.

"But I never went for it because I doubted I was intelligent enough and thought studying nursing would be too hard."

While working in retail management and customer service, Megan became a mother to three children. Then, when she unexpectantly lost her infant daughter, her grief shifted to motivation to fulfil her lifelong career aspiration.

After going through that worst time in her life, Megan knew if she could get through that, she could get through anything and was motivated to become a nurse to help others.

"I never considered studying nursing because I thought it was too hard. But losing a child is the hardest thing anyone can experience in this life, and after I overcame the heartbreak of losing my little girl, studying seemed easy - so I just went for it."

"I decided to use the worst moment in my life as motivation to help others. So, I began working towards a career where I could comfort and help people. Big or small actions, I knew I wanted to help them, and that's what I decided to do," she explained.

Galvanised, motivated and determined, her decision to study was made more accessible with the Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115) taught at TAFE Queensland's Alexandra Hills campus, which is close to her home.

Her first challenge to enrolling was passing an admissions test, and she felt her self-doubt creeping back.

"When I found out I had to sit a test, I cried, thinking I wouldn't pass and wouldn't become a nurse," said Megan.

"But I sat it and passed, which was a shock at first, but a huge motivator for me. TAFE Queensland gave me a go, and my self-doubt began dissolving."

As soon as the course began, Megan was blown away by her teachers' ability to adapt their teaching style to her learning style. They maximised every class and helped her learn how to administer medication, monitor vital signs, conduct tests, and learn about various patient conditions and treatments.

"The hands-on environment gave me the balance of theory and practical classes. The teachers taught us the knowledge in theory classes which we would then apply in our practical classes, so we had a better understanding – giving us the best opportunity to learn the required skills.”

"Practical was in the nursing labs - wards with simulated patients that are as close to real life as possible. I learnt using the same equipment used in hospitals around Australia, and my teachers were registered nurses with decades of experience," she explained.

The up-to-date training saw Megan hit the ground running in placements across hospitals, surgeries and mental health facilities.

Her learning was enhanced even further, thanks to the support of her classmates. Having people on the same learning journey as her from the beginning.

"My classmates were so amazing. We all came from different walks of life but got along beautifully and worked together well. We were a good team who helped and encouraged each other, and our learning improved."

Megan is now looking forward to taking the next step in her professional career by enrolling in a Bachelor of Nursing at Central Queensland University.

"I no longer doubt myself, and now that I've started studying, I'll always be learning. I love knowing how things work and want even more knowledge, a deeper understanding of health care and more responsibility within this industry."

"Thanks to TAFE Queensland, I'm fulfilling my purpose, and I'm confident in my skills and determined to achieve my goal of helping others and being the positivity that this world needs." 

"I also want to use my experience to show my boys that positivity can come from tragedy. I held myself back because I didn't think I was smart enough or had the skills. Now, I know I can do anything."

"The teachers at TAFE helped me realise my potential, proved to me that I'm not nothing, and taught me that as a nurse, I'm everything to someone out there."

"Every nursing task adds to a bigger picture that makes someone's day. I now know I'm capable of more than I ever thought, and I have TAFE Queensland to thank for that," concluded Megan.