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Robina campus recognised as a leading force in green transition

In a recent report by the European Training Foundation and UNESCO, the Robina campus on the Gold Coast has been spotlighted as an exemplary institution in vocational education, particularly for its dedication to sustainable practices.

The report, titled 'Building evidence to support vocational excellence for the digital and green transitions,' places TAFE Queensland’s Robina campus in the spotlight for its commitment to the green transition, labelling it as a Centre of Vocational Excellence (COVE).

Karen Dickinson, TAFE Queensland Gold Coast General Manager, expressed her enthusiasm and pride in the campus's recognition.

"This is a major piece of work with incredible rigor behind it. It’s a great honour for the Robina campus to be highlighted as a case study. This acknowledgment as a Centre of Vocational Excellence underlines our commitment to driving positive change in the field of vocational education, specifically in the context of environmentally sustainable practices," said Ms Dickinson.

The report sheds light on TAFE Queensland’s exemplary efforts in aligning vocational education with the demands of the digital age and the imperative for green transition. The recognition as a COVE signifies the institution's dedication to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly evolving, eco-conscious job market.

However, Ms Dickinson said there is a broader significance in the role as a COVE which is not just about meeting immediate vocational needs but about preparing individuals for lifelong opportunities.

"As a COVE, our mission extends beyond addressing immediate vocational needs. We are committed to equipping individuals for lifelong opportunities in our ever-changing economy. Our goal is to surpass traditional boundaries, ensuring our graduates actively contribute to forging an innovative and sustainable workforce for the future," she said.

“The Robina campus is proud to contribute to the global conversation on vocational education's pivotal role in addressing the pressing issues of our time."

This international recognition positions TAFE Queensland as a leader in the global landscape of vocational education and training, inspiring other educational institutions to follow suit in championing sustainable practices and preparing the workforce for a future that prioritises both digital advancements and ecological responsibility.