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Take your facial hair to the next level

Trish Nielsen, senior hairdressing and barbering teacher

Master your shave and nail the well-groomed facial hair look using these easy tips.

In between barbering appointments, men need to groom and maintain their facial hair regularly to keep their clean-shaven, beard or moustache game in top shape.

To avoid damaging your skin, it's essential to shave properly. Use hot water and apply a non-foaming shaving cream using a shaving brush. It's also important that you invest in a quality blade or razor. Gently pull your skin taut and shave with the grain of your hair. Lightly dab your skin dry with a soft towel and finish with a moisturiser or post-shave balm.

When it comes to trimming, the first step is to comb or brush your facial hair. An electric trimmer can help you create a quick, even length all over or you can use a pair of beard or moustache scissors. 

For men who have a full beard, make sure you use a men's facial scrub once a week. This routine will remove itchy, dead skin cells and help prevent ingrown hairs.

I also recommend that you use a quality beard oil when your hair starts to feel dry and stiff. Massage the oil into your facial hair and it will act as a conditioner. Not only will the oil make your beard softer, but it will leave it smelling amazing!

Finally, men need to apply sunscreen. Facial hair is no substitute for a quality SPF product to protect your face from sun damage. It's important to apply sunscreen regardless of whether you are spending the entire or just part of your day outdoors. If you're going to the beach or fishing, or even if you're just travelling to and from work or school, make sure you've applied sun protection.