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From a passion for computers to leading in AI

Armed with an IT qualification from TAFE Queensland and two decades of experience, Lucas Meadowcroft is now at the forefront of innovation.

Twenty-two years ago, Lucas Meadowcroft was a typical teenager with little interest in academics and no clear career path. However, one thing stood out – his passion for building computers.

Fast forward to 2024, Lucas, armed with a Diploma from TAFE Queensland, is now the co-founder and investor of four innovative companies, specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform business processes.

“When I finished school, I essentially failed, securing an OP of 24, just one point above the lowest possible score. University wasn’t on my radar, but like many youths, I was clueless about my future. My only known interest was in computers. Thankfully, TAFE appeared as a beacon of hope, offering a hands-on approach to learning that perfectly aligned with my style,” Lucas recalls.

“It’s where I learned coding, networking, and problem-solving, which helped me understand why traditional schooling didn’t work for me.”

After obtaining his IT qualification, Lucas spent two decades in the IT support industry, simultaneously expanding his knowledge in digital innovations, particularly AI.

Today, Lucas and his team at CROFTI are not just fixing IT issues; they are at the forefront of innovation strategy and business consulting, helping businesses streamline and automate processes.

“Our aim is to re-engineer businesses for the next generation workforce, focusing on automation to allow people to engage in work they truly enjoy. By introducing new digital solutions, we’re propelling businesses forward,” Lucas said.

Lucas’s success also extends to co-founding Tribu, Run With, and Pivot Sports.

The story comes full circle in 2024, with Lucas now exploring educational opportunities and applications with TAFE Queensland that will offer more interactive, efficient learning processes for students and provide invaluable assistance to educators through personalised and dynamic AI tools.