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Scholarship paves the way for Rashonda’s future study

Rashonda Murray has a plan and a scholarship from TAFE Queensland is helping her achieve her dreams.

Rashonda Murray has a plan.

“My career goals in life are to become the first ever descendant and family member out of my community to become a lawyer and I also want to start my own business in the near future,” the committed 22-year-old said.

Growing up in the remote Aboriginal community of Cherbourg, Rashonda’s dream was put on the sidelines when she was unable to complete high school. But now, with the help of a traineeship and a scholarship, she is well on the way to becoming a story of study success.

Preparing herself for the road ahead, Rashonda, a proud Wakka Wakka and Ngugi descendant, is completing a traineeship with the Cherbourg First Nations Service Centre while studying a Certificate III in Business (BSB30120).

“Having a TAFE campus in my community is great. It means I have a safe and well-equipped environment to learn, and also provides me with the opportunity to work and gain study experience before I am able to enrol in the Diploma of Justice,” Rashonda said.

“Learning in a team environment with people from my own culture has been really enjoyable.”

To help her progress her study plans, Rashonda received a helping hand in the form of an Equity Scholarship from TAFE Queensland, sponsored by RACQ.

The $5000 scholarship enabled Rashonda to purchase office equipment, including a laptop and a desk, setting her up for study success.

“I am very thankful to RACQ and TAFE Queensland for the scholarship. I was able to buy what I needed to study successfully and not have to worry about the expense,” Rashonda said.

The TAFE Queensland Scholarship Program awards each recipient $5,000 to study any Certificate III through to an Advanced Diploma or Bachelor degree at any of our over 60 campus locations or online.

Scholarships help cover the costs of course fees, text books and living expenses.

For several years, RACQ has generously supported the TAFE Queensland Foundation to provide two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with the opportunity to train for free.

“As Queensland’s largest Club, we recognise the important role we play in supporting our communities across the state, and we’re proud to play a small role in helping the next generation of Queenslanders through this sponsorship,” RACQ Community and Sponsorship Manager Melanie Calzavara said.

“A solid education is vital to give our youth a good start in life.”

“We look forward to continuing this partnership with TAFE Queensland Foundation to make education more accessible for all Queenslanders.”


Watch Rashonda's video.