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Ixara evolves her music career

Music student Ixara Dorizac brought her passion for performance to TAFE Queensland to hone her craft and prepare for a career behind the scenes.

“It all began when I was around thirteen, recording music in my friend's bedroom, and since then, we’ve been collaborating on music. Now, he plays bass in my band,” explained Ixara.

Studying for the Diploma of Music (Performance) (CUA50820), Ixara is improving her Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) so she can go to university, run my record label, Anti-Dismal to manage bands.

“Looking ahead in five years, my ultimate dream is to embark on an Australian tour, showcasing my original music and creating unforgettable moments on the road just as those who inspire have done,” she explains.

In addition to improving her ATAR, her course is also helping her hone her stage performance, songwriting, and recording skills.

“I play every single day, and I'm so grateful that I can focus on creating music with the teachers, classmates and facilities I have here at TAFE Queensland,” she explained.

Her highly experienced and passionate teachers give her one-on-one guidance, preparing her for a career in the music industry by developing the skills she needs to be an outstanding performer.

She also has access to industry-standard studios and software to develop her songwriting and recording skills as she studies alongside like-minded music and sound production classmates.

When she’s not studying, she’s the lead singer for a local act, Sunday Service, which allows her to push the boundaries of her sound alongside her solo projects.

When her bandmates reached the age of eighteen, and she was two years younger, the group struggled to book shows at overaged venues, so Ixara took matters into her own hands, and Anti-Dismal was born.

Already balancing her live performances and diploma studies, she added running under-18 gigs to her already hectic schedule through Anti-Dismal - championing youth, inclusivity, and accessibility to music.

“Providing a platform for young people to experience live music is satisfying. It's an untapped audience, and you can help bands create a fan base for life.”

Through Anti-Dismal, Ixara organises all-ages concerts headlined by young and emerging artists, providing a pathway for young musicians and bands to express themselves, get exposed to the music business and break into the industry.

“The music scene went through a weird shift during COVID, and through Anti-Dismal, I’m helping young musicians focus on the craft and navigate the music industry,” she explained.

“Breaking into the music scene at a young age is hard - everything is expensive, no one respects you, and you can't go to live shows, let alone perform your own – it’s like the whole system is against you.”

Anti-Dismal gigs bring music lovers together and amplify young voices by removing the barrier that younger musicians face from performing in venues due to their age.

"I’ve been limited from experiencing and performing live music just because of my age, and these events are perfect for musicians like me to showcase our art," Ixara said.

Through her label, she also hopes that young artists maintain ownership of their art, protecting their music and ensuring they can have a sustainable career.

“As an artist, I know the value of maintaining ownership of my music and keeping it safe. Musicians invest so much time into perfecting their songs, they must own them,” she said.

Having released her music singles through the Anti-Dismal label, Ixara was named one of Australia's best high school-aged acts in Triple J’s 2023 Unearthed High for her song 'Sprouts'.

With confidence beyond her years, Ixara looks forward to broadening her musical horizons while expanding Anti-Dismal concerts into a festival, recording a full-length album and taking her music overseas on tour.