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Rebecca nails the art of working from home

Business owner, Rebecca Jeffries, went back to TAFE Queensland to re-qualify and ensure her nail salon skills and procedures were industry current. 

As a successful nail technician working five days a week within her home salon, Rebecca was able to upskill and reskill, with TAFE Queensland teachers sharing new techniques, for which she was very grateful.

“I studied Certificate III in Nail Technology (SHB30321) at the Ipswich campus, full-time. It was three days a week,” Rebecca began, from her home nail salon, which she’s owned for twelve years. 

“I quite liked the facility (TAFE Queensland), especially the fact that the classroom was just off the beauty room — it was really convenient.” 

“My teachers was amazing at showing me different ways to do things, and any time I needed a question answered, or when I needed help with anything – they were more than happy to help.”

“I learnt to refine my skills even further, as they’d give constructive feedback and criticism on any work that we put out — so it turned out great,” Rebecca shared.

Rebecca specialises in nail art (“I’d choose it over a French-tip any day!”) and really enjoyed the practical, hands-on (pardon the pun) learning at TAFE Queensland.

She advises prospective and current students to persist with their studies.

“You do need to stick it out. It is a hard road - especially when you’re learning to apply all of your products and doing your training. But, once you complete all the assessments, the outcome of it all is just so rewarding,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca is dedicated to her craft, recently becoming a product ambassador, constantly attending beauty expos, and is passionate about encouraging others to consider joining the nail technology industry.

“This career is fantastic because you make such amazing connections with your clients — they become friends. You celebrate all the exciting things in their lives, and they celebrate yours,” she said.

“It’s also a great career option for mums, when you are wanting to work from home, because you have the flexibility around your school hours.”

“Also, specialising in nail art, I just love it when a client comes in with an inspiration photo, then showing them how we’ll break it down into each layer, getting them through the ‘ugly, buildable phase’ to then deliver a really beautiful outcome and a match of what they gave you. It’s just extremely rewarding and I absolutely adore it,” shared Rebecca.