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Gold Coast rock duo reaching millions

Sam Bray, a recent graduate of TAFE Queensland's Bachelor of Contemporary Music, has seen his band reach new heights with a nomination for a prestigious Queensland music award.

Sam and his bandmate Dan Briffa form Atticus Chimps, a Gold Coast grunge-rock band whose music has struck a chord with a wide audience, amassing millions of views on TikTok and Facebook despite not winning the award.

“It was such an honour and a relief knowing that we are getting recognised by the Australian music community,” said Sam.

The journey to this moment has been a long one for Atticus Chimps, who have been together for over eight years. However, it was Sam’s decision to study at TAFE Queensland that proved pivotal for his musical career.

“The band had already been together for a number of years, so I decided to study to learn new skills and put my best foot forward to become successful,” said Sam.

"Being able to network with other musicians at TAFE Queensland’s Coomera creative campus was incredibly valuable. We struggled to find a committed drummer for years and then as soon as I started the course we all of a sudden had a litany of passionate drummers.”

This, combined with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained, has been instrumental in the band’s progress.

“Learning the ability to transcribe music and write lead sheets has made collaborating with producers and other musicians much more efficient, but it’s the industry connections I believe is the most important thing,” he said.

Atticus Chimps story is still unfolding, and their goals feel increasingly within reach as the band continues to build on their recent successes.

“We haven't had our big break, but we're taking baby steps and are feeling ever so closer to achieving our goals. We want to be full-time musicians who tour the world to perform for our fans,” said Sam.

Atticus Chimps deliver heavy rock anthems that explore themes of heartbreak, self-discovery, defiance against authority, and societal alienation. Their powerful riffs, gritty vocals, and energetic performances consistently electrify audiences, leaving spectators captivated by their compelling sound.