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Student art rises from classroom to the skyline

Isabella Nunnink, a TAFE Queensland graphic design student will have her artwork projected onto a building as part of the Gold Coast’s Big City Lights Festival.

Her piece, ‘Dylan's World,’ is a kaleidoscope of hues that pulse, beat and change on loop and is one of the highlights of the festival which runs from 21 June to 7 July, for its second year.

“I'm so excited to have my art upscaled and animated at the festival.  Seeing my work come to life in front of such a large audience is beyond my wildest dreams," said Isabella.

"This is something I could never have achieved on my own without the support of TAFE Queensland."

‘Dylan's World’ holds deep personal significance for Isabella and her friends.

“This piece is a tribute to my dear friend who tragically passed away last year as a result of a violent crime. I wanted to paint a tribute of him that captures his fun, colorful personality, his humor, wit, and the warmth he brought into all our lives,” she said. 

Joining Isabella is fellow classmate,19-year-old Jema Kay who’s artwork will be plastered on the wall of a Southport laneway, akin to a concert poster and designed to live on well beyond the festival.

Jema’s featured piece, ‘Binarism is for Computers,’ is thought-provoking and emphasises the insignificance of gender identity when defining a person’s essence.

“The meaning behind it is to push for gender equality and respect for others, especially those in the LGBT+ community who may identify differently than their birth-assigned sex," said Jema.

"I’m not sure how the connection between binary (gender) and binary (code) came to me, but it created a strong message.” 

Jema said seeing her design upscaled for public viewing is a dream come true for her.

“It’s really cool and something I’ve only imagined until now,” she said.

These TAFE Queensland Coomera creative campus students are among 100 artists showcasing their work in more than 40 locations across Southport CBD, including TAFE Queensland’s Southport Campus, which will be illuminated with lasers along its facade on Nerang Street.

The Big City Lights Festival not only provides a platform for emerging artists like Isabella and Jema but also transforms the cityscape into a vibrant canvas, celebrating creativity and innovation.