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TAFE Queensland and Kristy are thrilled to play their ‘parts’ in ‘growing’ future hair stylists

It will come as little surprise that Giggles Hair Salons’ owner Kristy Midgley is hugely positive about collaborating with TAFE Queensland – with a business name like ‘Giggles’ it’s definitely a ‘good vibes only’ partnership.

“I’ve been a hairdresser for 27 years, and I've owned Giggles for 17. Once I opened my own salon, TAFE Queensland was actually my first choice for training — they are amazing,” Kristy began.

“They offer all different types (of training), and because we do on-the-job training, I work very closely with TAFE Queensland’s teachers,” said Kristy.

TAFE Queensland offers flexible training delivery options for hairdressing business owners and their apprentices. Employers can opt for their apprentices to complete workplace training, where they are assessed by TAFE Queensland trainers on-the-job. Alternatively, apprentices can undertake block training (intensive training completed in study blocks spanning one to six weeks) at one of TAFE Queensland’s state-of-the-art training facilities.

Kristy now owns two hairdressing salons in Ipswich and, on par with her love for styling hair, is her passion for taking on apprentices and watching the next generation grow their knowledge.

“I currently have six apprentices, and I like how they (TAFE Queensland) provide the extra things,” Kristy continued.

TAFE Queensland’s industry-experienced educators will work with each apprentice at employers’ salons until they master a skill or concept, embracing the approach that ‘nothing is too much trouble’. Their commitment to employers and their apprentices will often see them attend and support employer events outside of their regular teaching interactions.

Similarly, and perhaps one of the many reasons the training partnership works so well, is that Kristy is equally committed to the industry’s success, volunteering a lot of her own time with TAFE Queensland, as a judge in the WorldSkills hairdressing competitions.

Kirsty also talks with full-time students training on campus, sharing employers’ expectations, presentation tips, and her own personal and positive experiences through her hairdressing career. 

“I really just want any potential young stylist to know that hairdressing is one of the best industries to be a part of — you just need to make sure you choose the right salon that aligns with your values. And absolutely train with TAFE Queensland — they’ve got a really great supportive community — so you’re going to be looked after there,” shared Kristy.

With close to three decades of experience in the industry, Kristy is passionate about sharing her knowlege with the next generation of hair stylists.

TAFE Queensland is the largest training provider for apprentices and trainees in the state, putting more than 25,000 apprentices through their paces every year across more than 500 program areas.