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Third party marketing portal

On this page you will find information about your obligations as a third party of TAFE Queensland and useful resources including templates and guidelines. This page is also the submission point for third party marketing approvals. 

Marketing resources

A range of templates and resources have been created for the use of third party providers. You can use these resources to apply to your own marketing material for submission. 

TAFE Queensland logo

Simply download the PDF and access the file share link. The TAFE Queensland logo should not be changed in any way. All uses of the logo should be submitted through the below form for approval.

Third party logo lockup

You will need to have Adobe Illustrator installed in order to open this lock-up template. Logo lock-ups must be submitted to TAFE Queensland for review via the submission form on this page.

Third party acknowledgement

Use this string of text on your website or in other marketing where you need to acknowledge that you are operating as a third party.

Third party brand guidelines

This document provides guidance on how the TAFE Queensland logo and other brand considerations should be applied to third party marketing materials.

Examples of third party marketing

A number of compliant marketing examples have been provided. You may like to copy this application, contextualised to your own brand.

Summary of marketing obligations

To ensure compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, as a third party you must:

  • ensure your marketing is not solely in your name (use your approved third party logo lock-up)
  • ensure the marketing includes TAFE Queensland’s registration code (RTO 0275)
  • ensure the marketing includes TAFE Queensland's CRICOS code (03020E) if applicable
  • display the code and title of any training product, as published on – there is no need to include the code or title of a training product if you are promoting the broad industry area i.e. “A range of business courses are available.”
  • ensure you are clear in your marketing that TAFE Queensland will enrol students, and issue the qualification upon completion.

As part of your contractual requirements with TAFE Queensland, you must:

  • adhere to TAFE Queensland’s brand guidelines — any collateral you develop must uphold the prestige, integrity and quality of the TAFE Queensland brand
  • submit all proposed advertising to TAFE Queensland with a supporting media schedule for approval
  • only conduct marketing activities and use collateral that have been approved by TAFE Queensland
  • use the approved third party logo lock-up
  •  check that the Australian Government’s VET Student Loans program guidelines have been adhered to
  • ensure you are not marketing a Queensland Government pre-qualified supplier program on behalf of TAFE Queensland.

Submissions for approval

You may make a submission to TAFE Queensland at any time to review your proposed creative material and media schedule. You must not use creative assets without the approval of TAFE Queensland.

To do so, you should complete the below form and attach your proposed creative and media plan.

TAFE Queensland Brand, Marketing and Communication reviews all third party marketing and advertising campaigns. When we review submissions we:

  • review material to ensure alignment to TAFE Queensland’s brand and provide feedback on creative that needs to be changed
  • ensure the proposed activity aligns and supports TAFE Queensland objectives
  • check the material you have submitted is in accordance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, and other government requirements and legislation.
  • review and make recommendations about changing media schedules if there is unnecessary competition between TAFE Queensland’s planned media activity and the third party’s
  • approve creative if it is suitable for market.

We will endeavour to review and respond to submissions within five business days of receipt. 


Submitting your marketing for approval

It's now easier than ever to get your co-branded marketing materials approved with TAFE Queensland's third party marketing portal.