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Brew a natural curiosity of the art and science behind a passion for beer.  Whether you aspire to become a professional brewer, establish your own brewery or simply enhance your knowledge and skills, the world of brewing offers unlimited opportunity.

Study brewing

Studying brewing will provide you with a comprehensive understating of the entire brewing process, from selecting quality ingredients to mastering various brewing techniques.  You’ll be able to create unique, high-quality beers and gain insights to the chemical reactions, microbiology and sensory aspects of beer production.  Catering to a wide range of tastes your knowledge will assist you to craft flavour profiles and experiment with innovative ingredients.

The craft beer industry is experiencing world-wide growth, with consumers seeking unique and locally-made beers.  Breweries are thriving, and the demand for skilled brewers and beer professional is on the rise.  Engage with a vibrant community and foster collaboration and knowledge sharing with a likeminded network.

Discover the art and science of brewing.

Career outcomes

  • Assistant brewer
  • Packaging operator
  • Brewery cellar hand
  • Brewery laboratory assistant