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TAFE Queensland Digital and Physical ID Card System

TAFE Queensland is excited to be introducing a new ID card solution in 2023 that includes both a digital and physical ID card. Most students will only need the digital ID card, so there is no need to carry a card – you can simply use your smartphone. For some student cohorts, you will instead need a physical ID card for certain courses and if your course includes a vocational placement.

Your digital ID card won’t allow you to access building or do printing and photocopying, but it will allow you to use the library. 

Order your TAFE Queensland ID card

Once you’ve set up your TAFE Queensland account, attended your Orientation and started your course, you need to get a TAFE Queensland student identity (ID) card. You’ll need your ID card to prove your identity whilst on campus as well as accessing some student discounts!

Getting your ID card is easy and for most students, you will only need the digital ID card that is available via an app on your smartphone.

If you are ready to get your ID card, go to the 24/7 self-service ID card request system where you can capture or upload your own image from your smartphone or internet-connected device. Behind the scenes our customer service teams will approve your image and issue your card in a digital format or a physical card, which you will need to collect from the campus location that you select during the order process.

Once you have completed the process to order your ID Card, you will receive email notifications advising of the next steps. It can take up to three (3) business days for your photo to be approved. Once its approved, you’ll receive an email letting you know your digital ID is ready to set up on your smartphone. TAFE Queensland doesn’t have printers at all our campuses so requests for physical ID cards vary in their fulfilment times. Requests picked up from major campuses will be processed quicker, within seven (7) business days, whereas regional campuses (like Mount Isa) can take up to fourteen (14) business days.

Reasons your ID card application might be rejected

Your application may be rejected if the photo you submitted doesn’t conform with the photo guidelines as listed below and in the request portal.

If your application is rejected, refer to your ‘TAFE Queensland ID Card Request Rejected’ email for feedback on the rejection and to find out what you need to do to resubmit the application.

ID Photo Guidelines

If you’re requesting an ID card (digital or physical), follow these guidelines when preparing your ID photo:

  • No head coverings (except on religious grounds).
  • No shadow on face or red eye.
  • No sunglasses or glasses with tinted lenses that obscure the eyes.
  • Head straight to camera, eyes open and no hair covering your face.

Things you should know about when to order a digital or physical ID (card style ID)

Most students only need a digital ID, however if you meet the following criteria, you should order a physical card instead:

  • Your course has a vocational placement component
  • You are enrolled in a TAFE Queensland:
    o   Aged Care course
    o   Education Support course
    o   TAFE at School course
  • A requirement to access Southport campus
  • A desire for public transport concessions in regional Queensland (where Go cards are not in use).

If you have already ordered and received a digital ID and find out that you need a physical ID (card style), then you need to get in touch with your local customer service centre. Our customer service representatives will be able to help organise a physical card re-print for you, though you may have your digital ID card revoked.

How to request an ID card

  1. Browse to and sign-in to the system using your TAFE Queensland student computer system login.
    • To log in use your student email address and password. Your email address is your student ID number, for example:
    • If you have forgotten your password or first need to set up your digital access, visit the Technical support page.
  2. Agree to the privacy policy.
  3. Upload a photo by clicking the 'Upload a photo' button or you can click the 'Take a photo from your webcam' tab and use your webcam to upload a photo directly.
  4. In the 'Crop Photo' step use the 'Crop & Rotate' button as needed. If no action is needed, click the 'Next' button instead.
  5. Select a primary campus using the search box.
  6. Select between a digital or physical ID card.  Click 'Confirm Details'.
  7. You will see an example student ID card with your details. Click 'Submit'.

From here the system will give you a notification of your request submission and then keep you up to date of how it's progressing. If you requested a digital ID card you will be sent instruction on how to install the digital ID card app. If you requested a physical ID card the email letting you know it's been approved will tell you when you can pick it up, normally around seven (7) business days later.

What if something goes wrong?

If you try and login to the system and you get an error, then you will be advised to come here.

If you are not able to login to the system, please review the technical support webpage.

If you can login to the system and are being told you’re not eligible, then please get in touch with your local customer service centre. They will be able to investigate the issue, and escalate it as needed. Often issues cannot be fixed on first contact, so we ask that you please be patient whilst we work through fixing your issue.

We also recommend reviewing the F.A.Q. section below to ensure that any issues haven’t already been addressed.

Frequently asked questions

Your first student ID card is free. If you lose your card, you’ll need to pay a fee to have it replaced.

Yes, however if asked you will have to show your digital ID on your mobile device.

The access depends upon the printer. The digital ID card has a barcode built-in, so printers that scan a barcode or QR code will work. The digital cards, however, won’t work for the printers where you register a card for ‘tap’ functionality. 

System data is sourced from the Student Management System, so please update your details in the student portal. If there continues to be inconsistencies, please contact your local customer service centre. 

Once you are provided with your TAFE Queensland student login details you can request an ID card, this occurs two weeks before your start of study.

Unfortunately, short courses and micro-credentials (with some exceptions) are not entitled to an ID card. 

If your ID card has been lost or damaged, you need to contact your local customer service centre. The representatives there will assist you with requesting a replacement card.  

Having several ID cards, including in different formats, is a security risk. 

If you have already ordered and received a digital ID and find out that you need a physical ID (card style), then you need to get in touch with your local customer service centre. Our customer service representatives will be able to help organise a physical card re-print for you, though you may have your digital ID card revoked.