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Follow the stories of our students, teachers and industry partners, who followed their dreams and pursue their passions here in Queensland, Australia.

Connecting Cultures - season 7


Introducing the My Study Journey podcast's newest series called ‘Connecting Cultures’. Come on a discovery journey to learn more about Australia’s Indigenous culture and listen to inspiring stories of our First Nations people and students. Listen to the trailer here.


After a lifetime of hurdles and being told she wasn’t good enough, Rebecca shares her story of triumph through education and embracing her true identity.


Embark on a journey of resilience, redemption, and transformation with the captivating story of Brendan Larcombe, a man who defied all odds to turn his life around. In this remarkable episode you will hear Brendan open up about his experiences, from battling addiction and homelessness to rediscovering his cultural roots and finding purpose in helping others.


Lucas's journey from engineering to Indigenous art allowed him to reconnect with his culture and find his true passion. After studying at TAFE Queensland, and with the help of his teacher, Lucas secured an arts Queensland grant and he launched the Musu Business, specializing in First Nations Art & Apparel. Now, armed with a solid foundation in business and a commitment to his heritage, Lucas aims to inspire others through his expressive artwork and leave an indelible mark on the legacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.


Stacy Walters, an inspiring educator and advocate, has dedicated her life to empowering Indigenous communities through education. After completing the Remote Area Teacher Education Program (RATEP) and experiencing the positive differences made to community firsthand, Stacy went on the path to become a RATEP teacher for TAFE Queensland.


In this podcast episode, Kamilla Saunders shares her inspiring journey of overcoming adversity and finding her purpose in helping Indigenous communities. Kamilla's resilience and determination shines through as she pursues her education and works towards making a difference for Indigenous families and children.


In a ground breaking program called Remote Area Teacher Education program (RATEP) , Indigenous people are given the opportunity to teach, share their stories, and preserve their cultural heritage. Kathy, the Head of Department for Student Services at a state college in North Queensland, is a shining example of this transformative journey. She embarked on a path that started at TAFE Queensland, culminated in a bachelor's degree, and now she inspires and educates the next generations. Listen closely as Kathy unveils her remarkable story.

Making Great Happen for 140 Years


My Study Journey - Season 4


Melanie is an early childhood education trainer and assessor with a fountain of knowledge and passion for the job. She explains the course and opportunities that come from studying at TAFE Queensland. We’ll also hear from Ashleigh the amazing director of Edge Early Learning in Brisbane who shares her insight into the industry and why it’s the best to work in!


In this episode nursing teacher Emma shares her knowledge of studying at TAFE Queensland and what to expect as a student. Also hear from Alison who is a valued industry partner working as the acting nursing director for educational research at Cairns hospital and explains why nursing is such a loved profession in Australia.See for privacy information.


Kylie is a highly experienced teacher at TAFE Queensland with a background of dental assisting, dental technology, and prosthetics. In this episode she tells us everything we need to know about studying dentistry, how the industry is booming and what to expect from the qualification.


To look more into what a career in engineering could look like for you hear Sean’s story. Sean is a highly skilled technical associate in civil engineering who has some great tips and advice on which courses are the ones that could land you your dream job.


Alvaro is one of the highly knowledgeable associate degree of civil engineering teachers at TAFE Queensland. He’s originally from Colombia and amazingly studied the same course he is now teaching! Learn from someone who knows all the challenges and triumphs after being both a student and a teacher.


This episode we hear from Brett who is one of the awesome carpentry teachers at TAFE Queensland and Chris who is a highly respected industry partner working in building and construction. Together they share their mountain of knowledge of all things carpentry for anyone interested in going into the industry.


Hunter teaches physical education at the Gold Coast campus and is hugely passionate about wanting his students to be the best they can. Find out about the course, how it’s taught and how you can be apart of the family at TAFE Queensland. Also hear from Rick our industry partner, a strength and conditioning expert and high performance coach, with a wealth of experience and knowledge.


Damien is one of our highly experienced and skilled industry partners who works as a Group executive chef on the Sunshine coast. Hear from one of the very best how you too could succeed in cookery and hospitality after studying at TAFE Queensland. All the tips, information, salary expectations and what he himself looks for as an employer.


This episode we hear from Darryl Rush, a Cookery and hospitality teacher at TAFE Queensland. Hear his passion for the course and the industry and advice he has for anyone interested in studying cookery and having a career here in Australia.


Shawn is the business manager for TAFE Queensland’s skills tech automotive study area, with over 27 years experience in industry and 15 years as a teacher he chats all things auto and the best course to take. Joanne is the apprenticeship coordinator for Sci - Fleet Toyota in Brisbane and has all the information on what it’s like working in industry.

My Study Journey - Season 3


"It really helped me shape the identity of who I was"

Laura came to Australia from her home country of Colombia looking to learn a 2nd language. 4 years on she’s loving life as an Infrastructure Designer at an Engineering firm, going to the beach not only before work but after as well! Follow her story of how she got here after studying at TAFE Queensland and her goal to change the narrative and encourage more women to the industry.


"I would not be here without my year at TAFE".

Julie first came to Australia on a working holiday visa as a backpacker. Completing an Events Management course at TAFE Queensland allowed her to go on to a Business degree and Master of Law. Join her on her journey towards having the dream career in Australian law.


"4 months later I was on a plane to Australia!"

Higor is from Brazil but at 37 decided he wasn’t satisfied with life and found work boring. After seeing an Instagram photo of Brisbane, he decided that was the place to be! Follow Higor’s story from studying Automotive at TAFE Queensland Acacia Ridge campus to landing his perfect job as a technician at MG on the Gold Coast.


"I’m living my dream".

Eric first came to Australia in 2003 and couldn’t stay away! Originally from South Korea his ambition and drive took him to TAFE Queensland to study Commercial Cookery. Follow his journey as a chef with plans to own his own Korean restaurant on the Sunshine Coast and teach cooking classes.


"The industry is booming!"

As a teenager, Alvaro decided he wanted to study abroad and after seeing photos and brochures of what could be done in Brisbane, he decided that was where he wanted to go. With a few hurdles on the way, this story follows his journey from the busy city of Bogota to studying at TAFE Queensland and ending up as a teacher at the very place he learned his skills.


"There’s so much opportunity!"

Alan grew up in the UK but decided life was too short not to follow his dreams and move to Australia! With a passion for food and keen to go down a completely different career path he decided to study Commercial Cookery at TAFE Queensland. Find out how he went about making his dream job a reality and Australia home for him and his family.


"There’s literally everything here!"

Abedin is originally from India but his fascination for both computers and travel brought him to Australia. After studying a diploma of Software Development at TAFE Queensland and landing a job at one of Australia’s top Cyber Security companies the sky is the limit for him and his partner.


"I’m here now living the life".

Jade grew up in the UK and after travelling to Australia as a backpacker decided Queensland was the place for her. Hear her journey from going through brain surgery to cure her Epilepsy to studying Carpentry at TAFE Queensland and landing her dream job working on the set of a new Disney movie.

My Study Journey - Season 2


"I had never thought about Christmas in a t-shirt!"

Kevin grew up in South Korea and after completing mandatory military service decided to save up and travel to Australia. Hear his story about studying at TAFE Queensland on the Gold Coast and his plan to stay and become a carpenter.


"I’m bilingual already, lets keep going!"

After Jorge’s friends told him to come to Australia because it’s the best place ever he did it and hasn’t looked back! Follow the path he took from his home in Colombia with 15 siblings to his new life in Queensland where he’s studying Cookery at TAFE in Toowoomba.


"I’m really proud to study at TAFE"

Follow Paulo’s journey from working as an actor in Brazil to living the dream and travelling to Australia. Studying Cookery at TAFE Queensland on the Sunshine Coast has opened up opportunities for him to become a chef.


"It’s not about labels or positions it’s about me"

Mario thought he had it all in Chile, a good family, a great job but there was something missing. That empty gap was filled when he travelled from Chile to Australia to study Interior Design at TAFE Queensland on the Gold Coast. Follow his journey to finally finding happiness.


"Living here is just a dream"

Dani grew up in the mountains of Colombia. Follow her journey through TAFE Queensland in Cairns studying a diploma of Business, Leadership & Management to her dreams of creating her own eco village in Australia.


"This is a place I belong"

Sandy spent 10 months in Australia away from her home in South Korea and decided she had to come back! Follow the story of how she extended her visa, decided to study Cabinet Making at TAFE Queensland in Brisbane and her aspirations of becoming an interior designer.

My Study Journey - Season 1


"Better things come to those who go out and get it."

Jerry had never left Papua New Guinea or stepped foot on an airplane before travelling to Cairns to study a diploma of Hospitality at TAFE Queensland. Follow his story to seek a better education, weather and his dream of helping the community back home.


"Everyone can eat at the fancy restaurants!"

Geysa & Leo met in their home country of Brazil, Leo’s passion for surfing and a new career led him to Queensland where he got a scholarship to TAFE Queensland to study Cookery & Hospitality. Geysa soon followed and now their dream is to open their own restaurant in Australia.


"I thought there would be kangaroos everywhere!"

Laura always dreamed of studying overseas and the work / study / life balance was why she picked Australia. Follow her story from not speaking English to landing her dream job after studying Engineering at TAFE Queensland.


"I wanted to be the best!"

From an early age Elin had her heart set on becoming a world champion in equestrian vaulting – gymnastics on horse back! Follow her story from breaking her back and the fear she’d never walk again to her inspirational journey after studying Personal Training at TAFE Queensland.


"I’ll be on that beach one day!"

Rajani left a life in Nepal where she had limited electricity and no running water but saved every penny to afford her ticket to Australia. Follow her fascinating and humbling journey to become an Anaesthetic nurse thanks to Tafe Queensland – and her excitement at seeing a bathtub for the first time! 


"It’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it"

Sherina left Bali to study a diploma of Business and Marketing at Tafe Queensland after growing up in a village in Denpasar and wanting more – but not too far from home!

Life in Australia

Find out more about what life in Australia is really like and get information on the Australian climate, finding accommodation, and working in Australia.