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Investment ideas for your tax return - That aren't just 'I'll have the smashed avo, thanks'

The new financial year is underrated.  With tax cuts kicking in from as early as 1 July this year, 30 June is the real date we should be popping those champagne corks.  

By TAFE Queensland

With policy changes that will see Australian’s save across a range of areas, this financial year is going to see you with some extra lettuce (hopefully).  

But that doesn’t mean you should change your frugal habits. Why not consider investing your new-found wealth in your education? Here are three alternatives to smashed avocado on toast or that trip to Greece.

Short courses

Once upon a time we offered short courses in things like ironing… and magic. Yes. Magic. While we don’t offer a "Card Tricks for Beginners Short Course" anymore, there are still some incredible things to choose from.

TAFE Queensland offers heaps of short courses across an exciting range of study areas. Our short courses are developed to be responsive to local demands and changing industry needs.

Whether you are looking to brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills or brushing up on your make-up skills for those selfies, then short courses could be for you.


Online study

Balancing study with everyday life can be challenging, and just because you got a tax break doesn’t mean the rest of your life becomes easier. It does mean however you can invest in your education and study online for convenience and flexibility. 

Studying with TAFE Queensland Online gives you access to TAFE Queensland's huge range of resources and the freedom to study anywhere, any time.

Eighty per cent of people who start with us actually finish their online course – so have confidence in the fact that your tax-time money is well spent. We have a range of intake periods each year, so you can also start at a time that suits you.


Diploma courses

The more serious investment of the three options.

Diploma and advanced diplomas are designed to make you become business leaders. These courses are more in depth and are perfect if you want to advance your career, build on your existing skills, or prepare for university study.

As a TAFE Queensland student there are a range of loans, concessions, subsidies, and scholarships you may be eligible for to assist you with the cost of your study.



Everyone's journey is different and sometimes you need some extra support. So don't stress about studying, we're here to help. Our student support services are available for all of our students, making your learning experience just that little bit easier.