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Why you should start studying now

Whether you're fresh out of school, looking to change or move up in your career, or are returning to work after some time out of the workforce, there are plenty of great reasons to take the leap and start studying now.

By TAFE Queensland

Based on who you are and your current situation, we’ve got the perfect thing for you. 

THE COMEBACK ARTIST (Returning to work)

You had some chart-toppers, and then you took some time off. You might have had a baby, travelled the world, or you just lived life. Now, you’re ready to return to the spotlight that is the workforce.



  • You’re ready to return to work, and get back into number one position. You’re looking to brush up on some skills, or learn some brand new ones.
  • You want to switch to a more stable full time job that you actually enjoy – because we all deserve to do something we love.
  • You wouldn’t mind if you stayed in the job until you retire.
  • You’re looking for skills that will improve employment prospects.
  • Financial security – or as many buzz word lovers would say – FUTURE PROOFING.
  • You have kids and you want to be a good role model.


The right time is now. Why? Because there’s no time like the present, and if you’re going to get back in the charts – you have to start now.

Try online study so that you can do it when you want, or a short course just to dip your toes in.


FLAME ON! You’ve got bright eyes and a fire in your belly. Working hard for a number of years, your job satisfaction is probably pretty high, but you know two things:

Thing 1 – you need a challenge.
Thing 2 – you know you could be earning more.

You’re willing to work hard (we like that), and you don’t want to waste time. Any study you do is going to fit around the needs of your family and work.



  • You want to get ahead.
  • You don’t want to attend lectures – ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • Networking is important.
  • Your favourite game is snakes and ladders – and you’re looking for a qualification that will give you the next leg-up.


Well, turn around bright eyes, your future is this way. Take a look at courses that are going to give you those skills quickly – short courses, something online, or something that’s only six months in duration to give you that boost you’ll need. You could also try recognition of prior learning (RPL) to get recognised for what you know, and just fill in the gaps in your skills and knowledge.

The time to start is now. Why? Because there’s no time like the present and you’re hungry for it.

THE EVOLVER (Career changer)

You’re ready to change. You’re ready to shift, and when you do it will be into your next fantastic form. You probably have a qualification – maybe a diploma or an undergraduate degree. The job you have is not what you want anymore, and a change is as good as a holiday right?



  • You’re looking for someone to help you choose the right course, actually explain your options, and help with paperwork.
  • You want supportive teachers that will be there and actually know what they’re talking about – you’ve been in the workplace, you know what it’s about.
  • You want something you can make some money in and stay until you retire, and that thing everyone talks about ‘future proofing’.

Funnily enough, some 30 per cent and up of our students are just like you. Looking for a change, and that’s cool because life is a journey right? Why get stuck doing the same old?


Consider a diploma or advanced diploma. Jump on web chat and speak with one of our friendly staff, or contact us in a way that suits you. During study, we can even help you with study tips and keeping on track. Plus we have a range of student support services and post-study we can help you too.

Your evolution will be amazing. We just know it.

THE METEOR (Career starter)

You’re close to finishing school or are part way through a gap year. School promises to be a distant memory soon enough (yay). Maybe you've travelled  and you ate pizza at Pisa, mediated under a waterfall, and consumed the big apple that is New York. Maybe you've been stockpiling the piggy bank. With a new-found clarity you’re ready to enter the workforce. You know where you’re going and you know what you want to be, you just need a little bit of somethin’-somethin’ to get your foot in the door. We’re talking skills.



  • Your friends are starting to move on to bigger and better things.
  • The casual job was fun (kinda) but it’s not enough.
  • Avocado on toast is an essential – and you need money for that right?
  • You’ve set your google home mini to play your walk-out song – California Love.
  • For study you want an environment that isn’t school – something a bit more grown-up, a sense of freedom and support when you need it.


Quite frankly after a bit of study, you’re gonna hit your workplace with a boom – “BATTLE STATIONS EVERYONE!” A little late, but worth the wait
You’re ready for anything – certificate to diploma to bachelor degree.

If any of these sound like you, check out our coursescontact us or give us a call on 1300 308 233.