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Making your workspace 'zen'

Be prepared and you’ll be productive. Here are our tips on how to create an organised and efficient workspace.

While we’ll leave the home decluttering to Ms Kondo and her life changing magic, we can definitely advise on how to organise your desk space so you can be more efficient and enjoy the time you spend on your work/study. 

Here are our top five tips for setting up your desk so you can learn in comfort (loungewear strongly advised).

Your sitting situation

Sitting is the new smoking – we know this now – so if you’ve got enough energy to stand whilst studying or typing – go forth! If not, make sure you’ve a solid, sturdy desk, your computer monitor is at eye level, and your chair is comfortable. 

There is plenty of information out there on how to sit ergonomically – so do a quick search so you don’t have an excuse to not study (also; back and neck pain is truly awful!)

Be prepared

Similarly – be prepared for everything you might need, before you begin. Bin, snacks, water-bottle and stationery – don’t give yourself opportunities for interruption. 

Come prepared, as the quick trip to fill up your water bottle is likely to see a quick visit to the fridge, then another ‘quick trip’ to the cupboard, then a wander on down to Netflix town. It’s a slippery slope!

Lighting and temperature

Have the right lighting and room temperature. As a general rule – you don’t want to be straining from either too much light, or not enough. And natural lighting is best. 

It’s also been found that a cooler room temperature is likely to increase productivity – 22 degrees or so – but really; just ensure you’re comfortable, but not so comfortable you fall asleep!

Declutter your space

Have only what you need on your clean desk, and, something nice. You want a decluttered yet comforting space. Turn your phone over or put it away. And ensure all of those computer charging cords are banded together, and in a safe spot. Minor interruptions (phone) and frustrations (getting tangled!) can add up and be demotivating, so reduce distractions where you can.

Smell it up (in a good way)

Scent is fantastic for recall, so if you can study with something on your desk that you’re able to safely replicate during your exam/on the job (on your wrist) – go for it. Vanilla essence, or some other type of ‘robust’ perfume is a good one!

And there you have it. Be prepared and you’ll be productive, giving you more time for the super fun stuff!