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Micro-credentials: swift and rewarding training

Upskilling, reskilling and moving swiftly is the key to future-proofing yourself, or your workforce, in the 2020s. Enter micro-credentials. You can build skills without needing to do a three-year qualification.

While the 2020s are undoubtedly tech focused, there's also a lot of change happening in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are working from home, so upskilling digital literacy has never been more important. For other industries, there's a need to completely re-skill. 

As we’re sure you’ve picked up, moving swiftly is key to future-proofing yourself or your work force. Pursuing and completing micro-credentials, aka industry specific, self-directed and skills-specific courses, is likely to play a significant part in this. 

There are a range of benefits in completing micro-credentials including:

  • An ‘attractive’ (read: non-intimidating) way to participate in lifelong learning, owing to minimal time and ease of completion (typically online)
  • Appealing and suitable for those who’ve not engaged in study/training in some time, or equally – not at all
  • If completed digitally, can reward participants with digital badges, which can be displayed on LinkedIn, CVs, and more
  • Allow you or your employees to ‘dip a toe’ in other areas, and explore career interests without committing
  • Helps with upskilling for career progression

And more specifically for businesses:

  • Allow workforces to train from within, and thus recruit from within
  • Increase an organisation’s competitiveness as an employer, as you are investing in professional development, and demonstrating long-term commitment to employees
  • Allow industries to keep up, grow and compete with international counterparts

TAFE Queensland's micro-credentials are developed to be responsive to local, national and international demands, and, changing industry needs.