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How international students feel about studying at TAFE Queensland

Find out what VET stands for and hear what our international students think about studying at TAFE Queensland.

Thinking about studying abroad is a big decision. Where will I study, who is reputable and what makes a good provider? And if you haven't heard of the acronym VET before, you might be wondering what that means.

Considering these questions is part of your study journey.

To help you gather as much information as possible, we've asked some of our students why they chose to study at TAFE Queensland, how they felt during their studies, and other reasons to consider TAFE Queensland as your educator of choice.

What is VET?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training. In your home country, it might be referred to as polytechnic or technical studies.

VET is all about learning the most up to date, hands on and practical skills that will provide you with the best advantage to land the job of your dreams. TAFE Queensland has a wide range of purpose-built classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities that will give you the best chance to put all of your practical skills into action, so that you can be job ready when you graduate.

How does it feel to study at TAFE Queensland?

We asked some of our English students how they felt about studying at TAFE Queensland.

Eva has been living in Australia for over three years and says "I would recommend [TAFE Queensland]".

"I know the majority of the students normally try to choose the cheapest course or cheapest school and being realistic, TAFE Queensland is a little more expensive than other schools, but being here I can tell the difference between other schools and TAFE Queensland".

"It's totally worth it. Because you can have the best quality in facilities, teachers, materials and students. [The students] take their study very seriously and give you the same motivation to keep focus on what you want".

Vitoria said "I have tried some other schools and it wasn't that good for me. I wanted something that pushed me up. In my own experience, actually TAFE didn't just teach me English, they've given me a family as well. And I made my first friends here. The teachers are awesome and we are a big family now. It's going to be a bit difficult when I need to leave for university. I have learned a lot here".

Sebastian said he felt supported since he started studying at TAFE Queensland. "I feel like TAFE Queensland is my second home".

What support is available to international students during their studies?

Many of our campuses have dedicated International Student Support Officers onsite or available on phone or email, to assist you during your studies.

Our International Student Support Officers are here to help you through the duration of your course. Our support officers can help you with:

  • finding accommodation
  • setting up a bank account in Australia
  • how to use the public transport system in Queensland
  • dealing with homesickness or culture shock
  • Overseas Student Health Cover or local health services
  • student visa conditions including attendance, academic performance, and employment restrictions.

You will meet your support officers during your International Student Orientation, before you start your course. They will provide you with their contact details, important information you need to be aware of, and helpful information to assist you throughout your studies.

According to international student Rachel, TAFE Queensland's dedicated English Support Officer Janelle, not only supports her in education, but also supports her on an emotional level as well.

"Our feelings are very important for you [Janelle]. You always ask us how do you feel, are you comfortable? So you understand us if we feel homesick. Janelle always says you are not on your own, we are always here, just let me know and we will help."

Find out more about our courses and international students support services.