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Students' motion visuals hit the main stage

Student-created motion visuals are set to put crowds into a digital daze when they hit the main stage at Australia’s biggest dance music festival, Lunar Electric.

For the past few months 23 TAFE Queensland screen and media students from the Coomera campus have spent countless of hours executing 10-15 minutes of mesmerizing visuals for lineup standout, Brooklyn.

Diploma of screen and media (CUA51015) student, Jack Taylor said he never expected to be working on such a high-profile, real-world project.

“I knew TAFE Queensland offered real-world experiences as part of the course, but I never expected to be creating motion visuals that would be displayed on the main stage of a major festival,” said Jack.

“It’s been a great project for the class to take on and it has given us an inside view on how a studio functions at its core through the production of a project,” he said.

Though their designs are not quite finished, the 17-year-old said the final visuals will be a progressive feast-for-the-eyes while aligning with Brooklyn’s brand.

“The crowd will be taken on a journey flooded with colourful psychedelic trances, futuristic worlds and cartoon realms that people won’t want to take their eyes off,” said Jack.

"We have crafted synthwave, retro and science fiction worlds catered to Brooklyn’s style. But the final visuals will be a blending of these realms, creating something unique and original to transport Brooklyn and her fans to another world they won’t want to leave," he said.

Jack, who is accessing the State Governments JobTrainer funding, said the motion visuals require more than one viewing to properly take in the overwhelming detail developed by the class.

Luckily for the expected sell-out crowd of 12,000 Lunar Electric revellers, the visuals will feature numerous times throughout Brooklyn’s 45-minute set.

Meanwhile, some students also spent time in the studio with Brooklyn to capture mini motion clips on a green screen to be rendered into the visuals.

These short clips include striking costume changes, choreographed movements, and various use of props including a Harley-Davidson.

Together, Jack said the class will have collectively spent hundreds of hours refining and developing the visuals.

“It will feel amazing to know that the hours myself and the rest of the team have put into this project will be shown to such a wide audience. It will give us significant exposure and the experience has enabled us to refine our craft for a real-world client,” he said.

Brooklyn, who is one of the biggest female DJs in the country, provided students with a brief and mood board before meeting the class on campus to see some of their initial concepts.

“I was really impressed with the student’s ideas and loved the direction they were heading. Together we talked through my brand, the colours and what elements I’d like to see — I'm super excited to see the final product,” said Brooklyn.

“I'm also impressed with the facilities at the Coomera campus, they are phenomenal and even better than some I've seen out in the industry.”

Brooklyn is eager to premier the students’ visuals at Lunar Electrical Music Festival, and said they will elevate her performance.

“I want my set to be different, standout and memorable, and I believe working with these creative TAFE Queensland students we can achieve just that,” she said.

“These visuals will enhance my performance and compliment a few other top-secret things I have planned for the set.”

After Lunar Electric Festival, Brooklyn plans to take the visuals with her on tour to nightclub LED screens around the country.

The students' enticing display can be seen during Brooklyn’s set at Lunar Electrical Music Festival on at the Spit on the Gold Coast later this year.