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Study techniques endorsed by librarians

Are you wondering how to get started with studying? TAFE Queensland library staff have come together to share their top tips to help you with your assignments and exams.

Before you begin

"Read the question. Then read the question AGAIN," Andrea, Caboolture library.

As well as thoroughly reading your assignment question/task and criteria sheet, you may want to mind map your assignment so you have it all planned out. Try the short course Planning a Paper available in the Infobase Learning Cloud database.

"Organisation is key; don't leave it to the last minute. READ the criteria sheet and ask your teacher questions," Tanya, Toowoomba library.

"Set aside time at the end of the day and make a list of all the things you need to do. Break the tasks down into a list of items. Put a box next to each task and tick when done. Allocate time for each task. Then just do it," Cynthia, Ipswich library.

Our librarians all agree; if you’re finding it’s hard to plan study time, try time management resources like those mentioned in chapter 7 of the eBook The Rubber Brain or the under 1 hour course How Do I Manage My Time? available in Infobase Learning Cloud. If you want to beat procrastination and plan your out your week or month, TAFE Queensland has free study planners available to download and print.

While you're studying

"Try the Pomodoro technique while you’re studying," Clinton, South Bank library.

This technique means you focus on your work and nothing else for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break, then repeat four times.


"Read the text carefully, pick out the key words for your question and take notes," Mirdula, Mooloolaba library.

Academic writing can be tricky. For keywords and notetaking tips and templates, go to the Assignment and Study Help guide. TAFE Queensland Library also has plenty of books and online resources about studying and writing to help you. Try these eBooks:

"If studying for an exam and trying to recall what you have learnt, practice in front of a friend or someone in your family. Explaining to someone else is one way to gain a better understanding of what you’re learning and can give you an opportunity to communicate your information in a clear way," Lisa, Townsville (Pimlico) library.

Prior to submitting assignments

"Have a friend or someone in your family read over your work. Another person may be able to pick up mistakes you hadn’t noticed even if you have read your own work over and over," Lisa, Townsville (Pimlico) library.

"When asking somebody to review your work, make sure you have time to make corrections or changes before submitting," Naomi, Loganlea library.

Revising and editing is important to make sure your assignment makes sense and has stayed on track. Sometimes friends and family get busy, so Studiosity offers personalised critiquing feedback for your assignment drafts. You can access Studiosity through your connect modules in the bottom right. For more instructions, see our Information for Students guide.

Extra support

"Eat healthy, drink water and take care of yourself. Practice self-care," Jigger, South Bank library.

"Don’t give up! If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, student support services are available for you. Learning support is also available at many campuses," Chloe, South Bank library.

TAFE Queensland Libraries can help you with finding information including online research, using the library website, and referencing. If you’ve got any questions, contact us online or visit us in person.