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From TAFE Queensland to university

Armed with life experience and a diploma qualification from TAFE Queensland, Cody Blucher has seamlessly transitioned into university study.

Like many teenagers, when Cody finished high school he couldn't wait to ditch the books and get a full-time job.

"I didn’t like studying when I was younger so I didn't further my education after school, instead I wanted to get out into the workforce."

Cody, 24, lives in Townsville and is an operator at a North Queensland mine site. After several years of work, Cody decided to return to school to improve his career prospects, enrolling in a Diploma of Business (BSB50120).

"I work out of town and TAFE Queensland was a flexible option for me to study online and part-time while I continued working."

"My teachers were very knowledgeable in their fields and were a great help. If I needed to, I could go onto campus when I was home from work and the teachers were there to support me face-to-face."

"It was great that my studies were flexible and could adapt to my lifestyle."

Cody said he was able to apply his Diploma of Business (BSB50120) studies in the real world.

"While studying with TAFE Queensland I was able to link most of the assignments to scenarios that were based around mining, which was great as it allowed me to understand and let me learn with ease."

"I have learnt a lot of skills and lessons from my diploma which I use in the workforce every day. I have learnt a lot about problem solving and have been able to apply different methods to overcome challenges in the workplace."

"I do like studying now, I didn't like it when I was younger but I do like it now."

Eager to learn more, Cody used his diploma to pursue a Bachelor of Business at university. This pathway allows Cody to complete a diploma and bachelor degree in the time it usually takes to complete a degree alone.

"I was able to gain credit towards my degree. It was great that the skills I'd gained studying my diploma were recognised because it meant I didn't have to begin from the very start of the degree."

"TAFE Queensland definitely prepared me for university. I've transitioned really well and my uni studies are going great."

When he completes his degree, Cody said he hopes to continue working in mining.

"I want to use my knowledge and skills to get into corporate mining and gain a position in management."

While not the traditional road, Cody said his pathway to university made sense for him.

"Instead of jumping into uni straight after Year 12 I've been able to gain life experience and a lot of work experience."

"I believe that going to TAFE Queensland after high school and after a few years working was a good stepping stone before beginning university."