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Joel is doing high school his way

Joel's confident his pathway through TAFE at School and Senior College will enable him to pursue his passion for paramedicine — when he’s ready.

Joel isn’t your average Year 12 student. He’s doing his senior years differently with TAFE Queensland’s Senior College program at the Alexandra Hills campus in Brisbane.

Joel has also chosen to combine his Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) with a Certificate II in Health Support Services (HLT23215) through the TAFE at School program. Through the program Joel completes one day per week on-campus and will graduate with a foundation qualification and the necessary skills to work in an assistant role in a health, aged or residential care.

While other senior high school students potentially stress about achieving a high ATAR, Joel is confident that his pathway through his TAFE at School and Senior College studies will enable him to pursue his passion for paramedicine — when he’s ready.

“I'm just doing the QCE pathway because I don't feel any need and any rush to get straight into the job that I want. I want to take time off for myself and then come back to schooling later,” he explained.

“My plans aren't set in stone, so I want to travel first, see the world, and then probably come back to paramedics, which is the ultimate goal,” Joel said.

The certificate II level programs enable students to gain the foundational knowledge and practical skills required to prepare them for a workplace setting or further studies.

“Well, I know how to make a bed now, so that's cool, with hospital corners. I know how to take care of people, make sure that they're getting in and out of beds, and wheel the walkers in wheelchairs safely so they're not going to hurt themselves,” he said.

Thanks to TAFE Queensland's range of alternative study pathways, Joel has been able to study his way, and is well on his way to achieving great things.

“I think greatness is different for everybody because I think greatness is like you set a goal and you achieve it, and after you've achieved that goal, you've achieved your version of greatness.”