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Violet's education takes no back seat at TAFE Queensland

Violet Lily-Foster had firm plans to become a teacher, however genetics, her surroundings, and TAFE Queensland’s wonderful auto workshop saw her change gears and take a different route.

“Throughout my whole life I thought ‘yes, I’m going to become a teacher – this is what I’m going to do!’ However, my dad is a mechanic, and my brother is a diesel mechanic, and I’ve grown up around cars, so soon enough my interested was sparked,” Violet explained.

Violet is also completing Year 11 and 12 at TAFE Queensland's Senior College in addition to her TAFE at School qualification – a Certificate II Automotive Vocational Preparation (AUR20720).

“When I started Year 11 here I found it so much easier. I'm getting that support that I need from TAFE and I'm actually working towards my goals, whereas in mainstream school, I wasn't getting anywhere," said Violet.

“I really enjoy going to TAFE because it's a lot more flexible and they're very supportive. They offer a lot of programs if you struggle with learning or anything like that. The staff have really helped me because I have dyslexia, I was struggling with that. They actually noticed it, and then put me in a program where it really helps me. Now I have support with my exams and stuff.”

And as for the automotive side of her study – through TAFE at School – Violet is a big fan.

“The workshop is literally wonderful, everything is up to spec, everything's new, it's great. It's a good place.

“I love prac. Getting hands on is what I enjoy. Also the theory of how mechanics works, I found it really interesting, just getting in there and doing it,” beamed Violet.

Whole brakes components have also piqued Violet’s interest.

“I've learned a bit about engines and electricity and how that works. Different components of how the car moves in a way, the driveshaft, and how it really propels the car,” she added.

Not surprisingly, Violet is equally enthusiastic about encouraging her peers to look to TAFE Queensland for study.

“I would advise others to go for it, go study at TAFE Queensland because it's the best possible thing you can do for yourself."

“Me – I’m going to pursue something in mechanics, get an apprenticeship hopefully and then just make a bit of money and do something I really enjoy,” Violet finished.