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How I define my grrreatness in my pawfect job!

Studying animal care services is a whole lot more fun when you've got a four-legged cutie like Charlie in your class who's only too happy to share his pawesome thoughts with us!

What do you get when you mix an endless amount of curiosity, an abundance of energy, the most adorably droopy pair of eyes, and the waggiest tail around?

Cuteness overload coupled with the grrreatest little charming face – that’s what! Meet our furry friend, Charlie, and let’s hear what he has to say, or rather, bark about.

G’day everyone – nice to meet you and high paws all around!

I’m an eight month old ‘bordoodle’ – a cross between a border collie and a labradoodle who is one of several dogs that are brought in to the classroom to complement the learning of students in the Certificate III in Animal Care Services course.

I love my job; every day I get to work with amazing students and help reinforce their learning and training on how to handle and look after animals.

I can tell you there are plenty of perks in this job, one of which is (and this is quite possibly the best bit), I get showered constantly with lots of pats and cuddles.

I love coming to class and being a work site dog. On any given day, I can often be found in the lap of a student – can’t think of anything more comfy and cosy, really!

However, nothing is more fun and exciting than when I’m around other pooches and playing with them in class!

When not in class, I love playing my favourite game of tug, dental chews and am nuts about car rides – where else can you experience the thrill of speed on four wheels, the joy of wind whistling in your ears, and the rush of the breeze rippling through your fur?

What I especially enjoy is getting plenty of exercise and being walked frequently – nothing beats running around in the great outdoors!

Even though I am quite possibly one of the cutest canines around (ever), always remember that that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask my owner before patting me. This shows you are respecting my owner’s wishes and above all, what I’m comfortable with.

Finally, I’m especially grateful to my owner for her vigilance in always making sure my parasite prevention is done properly and up to date.

With summer and the warmer months approaching, this is especially important for my health as I can assure you nothing makes my loving owner more anxious than seeing me struck ill by a tick bite.

Thank you, see you rrrround like a frisbee and have a rufftastic day!

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