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Alex kicks goals with Unilearn

Alex MacDonald studied with TAFE Queensland to gain the knowledge and skills he needed to begin training for a medical career. 

Why did you choose Unilearn?

After completing my honours thesis and embarking on a career in communications and design, I felt lost. I realised that medicine was what I wanted to do professionally. 

My undergraduate studies were in humanities and film production, so I had some serious ground to make up regarding science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) knowledge. Unilearn was recommended to me by a University of Melbourne student advisor. I enrolled in Unilearn to ameliorate my knowledge gaps.’

What are the benefits of Unilearn?

For me, the main benefit of Unilearn was how comprehensive it is. The course gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed for my new path. And the pacing of Unilearn is flexible. This benefits students who must maintain paid work and family commitments with their Unilearn studies.

What are some of the challenges you had?

Adjusting to the pedagogical characteristics of STEM learning was initially challenging. I was also initially overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work. I ordered the physical textbooks for my biology track, and when I saw (and felt the weight) the amount of work I needed to sift through, my heart dropped. But this is the beauty of Unilearn. It’s enormously thorough. This gives students the breadth and depth of knowledge required to proceed with their selected study areas.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I overcame the challenges by acquiring a coffee machine, watching a lot of video course materials on the tram to and from work, and refining my scheduling and time management. I also just trusted the structure of the Unilearn course. How the coursework is incrementally arranged for students makes it possible for them to persevere and succeed. The course is packaged and ordered in a way that gives you a real sense of direction throughout your learning.

Why would you recommend Unilearn to others?

I recommend Unilearn because of the great substance of the coursework and the fantastic educators involved in the subjects. Suppose you want to try and sit entry exams for programs such as medical school at the graduate level but haven’t completed sufficient coursework conducive to such programs. In that case, Unilearn is a superb way to bridge your knowledge. It’s one of the few external courses recognised by tertiary institutions such as The University of Melbourne.